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The Zev Technologies Zev Core Forged AR-15 Rifle is loaded with a number of high-end features designed to provide discerning consumers with the heightened quality and appearance for which the company's guns are known.

Each Zev Technologies Zev Core Forged AR-15 Rifle is built with upper and lower receivers machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and treated with a hard-coat anodized finish. The rifles are completed with a match-grade barrel equipped with a mid-length gas system that provides softer felt recoil and prevents overgassing. Each rifle is guaranteed to provide sub-MOA accuracy on the range.

- Barrel length: 16 inches
- Chambered in 5.56 NATO
- Weight: 6.43 pounds
- Overall length: 32.5 inches

Also found in the Zev Technologies Zev Core Forged AR-15 Rifle are a manganese-phosphate-finished bolt-carrier group, a heavy H3 buffer, a mil-spec trigger and Magpul furniture.


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This is going to be a hard sell regardless of quality. You can't give AR15 rifles away. Look at Armslist or the local gun shop. Armslist is no lie about one fifth just .223/5.56 AR15 rifles with 16 inch barrels, some cheap mlok rail, and some sight mark optic. My local gun shop has stacks of them in boxes in the back. At 1000, the quality might be stellar, but it doesn't stand out from the crowd enough to be considered.

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About two years ago Mega Arms merged with Zev. For a number of years prior to the merger Mega had earned a stellar reputation for their uppers, lowers, and its overall product line. In my opinion they were comparable to Noveske and a couple of other companies that specialized in high end AR components. Many fans like me were concerned that Zev management would adversely impact the quality of the of the products and service, so we stocked up on receiver sets, and components while they were still available. If Mega has been able to keep their production standards this rifle should be a very good buy for under $1000, and very comparable to the Noveske basic rifles that start at an online discount price of around $1500. For $910 Shipped it is actually priced with similar configured mid-level ARs sold by CMMG, Stag, and Core 15.

I don’t see where this is worth 900+$
Someone explain to me please

As stated above, if you are familiar with the Mega Arms products and IF ZEV continues the same quality, fit, and function, this is a good price today. Yesterday (Dec. 16, 2018), it was $100 cheaper, which made it an even better price. I have numerous Mega Arms in several different AR15 calibers plus a couple of MATEN/308s and they stack up to or even better than my Daniel Defense, Cross Machine & Tool, and other high end rifles. I am waiting to hear feedback before I buy one to see if Zev maintains the Mega Arms tradition.

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