Features / Specifications:
Body: Kydex .060 thickness
Belt Clips: .093 thickness
Ultra lightweight, Ultra thin
Contoured to hip for ultimate concealment & comfort
Can be worn IWB (In the waistband) OR OWB (Outside the waitband) by flipping the clips.
Stainless Steel black oxide screws.
Lifetime Warranty, NO questians asked

SKU#: ZE-Holsters

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Not sure “Zero Engineering” is a great name for a company or product....

Open carry only for me!

stop posting this... 99% of the world is not left handed, 98% of the world carries glocks (always out of stock), and 97% of the world doesnt carry a surefire xc300.

Who is your market?

Well, as a lefty I assume that market would be me.

Actually 10 percent of people are left handed and only dumb people carry glocks ;)

But yes, this "deal" is fits a very very very narrow audience and should not make the front page weekly.

Who the hell keeps posting this deal when they literally have like 3 holsters in stock that NOBODY even wants!

People don't hate botach because they're Jewish you silly douche. People hate Botach because they show products in stock and don't ship for months, because they never had it on hand. Don't turn this into a religious thing dickhead.

Never experienced that from botach. Doesn't palmetto state armory do the same thing with "in stock items?" 50 percent of the gun stores on this site drop ship direct from a vendor (whose current inventory is their best guess) when they claim to have the item in hand. Why isn't your vagina all sandy about those issues? The peanut gallery seems to be silent on all but one vendor. Makes you wonder what could be difference...especially when someone just happens to mention it during their anti-Botach rants not so infrequently. Dickhead.

Excellent product, arrived in a week and works great with my Glock 42 with the TLR-6, I am really impressed with how comfortable it is and I prefer wearing it outside the waistband, can't even tell your wearing it, holds the gun very secure, I like how you can wear it either way, But with the glock being so small its not even noticeable wearing it outside. Very comfortable. Definitely recommended.
Cant say much about the company since it's my first order, but it arrived quickly and was very affordable so their batting a 1000 at this point.

I have to tell all you New Haters out there when I got out of high school NORTHEAST CATHOLIC HIGH and no I was never molested by a priest although some priests had rumors floating around but their like assholes everybody has one. My friend got me a job where he worked and yes they were Jewish and the best people I worked for. We worked six days a week but when Jewish holidays came on Saturday we never got paid. So everybody was going to walk out that Monday guess the only one who clocked out was me .The main owner sat down Asked me what the problem was and guess who got paid from that day on. Yep me. Also he co-founded for my first car. So that is for all the haters against Botach who must be owned by Jewish human beings. Bill Z

The only complaint I have about this company was about two years ago they had a sale on boots they might have been Timberland or Reebocks. To be honest I forget the problem but I tried even on the phone I believe it was over the price they had printed but when I tried to order with the customer service she insisted they were more. If you go into a store and a item has been tagged then when you get to check out they say it is the wrong price. First rule I use don't give the cashier a hard time unless and you can get one that likes to argue I ask for the manager and nine times out of ten all stores have to honor the sticker regardless if a mistake was made. But with the boots I did not write a crappy review I just no thanks and that is that. So I haven't even tried to use Botach again even if it is a sale. No sweat no tension just move on down the line. But I did like the one reply I read about the holster I had to laugh and I gave him ten stars. Bill Z

I ordered and received one a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised on how well my full size 1911 fit. I will be buying another one for my railed 1911 as well.

Awesome! Glad it was what you wanted! Yes, please let me know how the daily carry turns out. What are the dimensions of the G43 holster?

Hope that helps.

No, not really. It comes down to the ride height being the same. G17, G19, G22/3 & G26/7 are all going to lock and retain about the same since the rear of the trigger guard is where the connection stops (same on all 6 guns). I'm betting since my G26 retains very well (can't shake it out upside down even) a G19 with more slide length is going to be a little more secure. The G17 draws/retains very well too.

Just don't want you to wait only to find out even those are gone too, you know? Hate when that happens to me.

I may have to do that, I just ordered my 19. Not a huge difference in size?

Hey, you are welcome. I read the comments for hopefully useful information about the actual item, so I attempt to write about what would help me make a decision on a product/service.

I would be interested on you feedback with regard to the G43 holster. Also, I know you said you want to wait for the G19 one to come back in stock, however, you might think about pulling the trigger on the G17/22 one I reviewed. It will hold a G19 just fine. Additionally I reached out to Zero Engineering personally and they are unaware of any contract or order they have fulfilled (or will be fulfilling) for Botach. My guess would be, like a fair amount of things Botach has sold, these holsters may have been a batch purchase by Botach from another vendor and these are simpiy being sold off until they are gone. I tried to reach out to Botach for confirmation on this awhile back and still have heard nothing. Lastly, when ordered from the actual manufacturer, these holster go for between $50-$70 + shipping, again another reason these are limited quantities are so well priced---so they move out the door.

Anyone with additional new information please feel free to respond.

Came in today actually. Retention is good. I've only tried it IWB, but it fit properly. Going to need to put it through some daily carry, but first impressions are good. Going to order the 17 left handed model today based on your feedback. For anyone else, shipping was as described, item arrived maybe a week and a half after my order.

Thank you so much for providing a review of the product rather than complain about botach. Ordered one for a 43 and will probably grab one for the 19 when back in stock. Thanks.

What are we rating here, the holster or the company?


The holster has been part of my daily carry for work in EP/corporate security for a while now. Been to the range a few times with it now since owning it for a couple months and no issues to report. I picked up the G17 model, but it holds all similar caliber/frame sizes just fine (even a G22-27). Don't own, nor have tried a G34, but I would venture to say with some trimming and/or a hair dryer you might be able to open up the barrel end to make a long slide work. I run a G26 work most days and retention/draw is great. The IWB is just fine, but my work dictates OWB, for which fits the bill nicely, concealment is ideal due to the low profile. Additionally, I was able to holster a M&P 9 full size and Compact with unexpectedly good retention. This was also the case with an FN9C I holstered. Nice benefit, more guns without buying specific holsters.

You will want a wide enough belt to fill the loop for a non-sloppy draw though. As for the "thin" kydex, I prefer it. Gives a little, allowing me to not feel like I have a small dinner plate attached to my hip such as when entering and exiting a vehicle quickly.

The only negative I can find is the screw heads (depending on mounting solution) could "wear" in to the belt clips, possibly creating a loose connection. With slightly longer clip screws and a few thin metal washers this problem would be eliminated.

Buy this holster. Big value for reasonable price.

It would be awesome if someone with one of these holsters could comment about the quality, retention, and comfort instead of bitching about old issues with botach.

Well, they aren't exactly "old issues" though, mine was last week.
Would have happily reviewed this Holster had they shipped it to me. When I called to inquire why my order had been "Awaiting Payment" for three weeks their CS Rep said they were out, they had issues with this specific manufacturer and weren't currently shipping them.
Actually a bit surprised to see this pop back up here today. Maybe "currently not shipping" was just last week when I cancelled?

I have this holster and I think it was worth the money. You get what you pay for. Retention is solid, but I do question the long term wear as I have only had it a few months and the kydex seems a bit thin. Fit my Glock 23 prefectly and snug with no alterations. Inside and outside carry feels fairly comfortable although I tend to carry outside (this holster configures to either). For the money I'd say you won't be disappointed. Are there better more quality holsters for twice the money? Yep. Are you getting a decent holster for $30 and no shipping charge from Botach? Yep. Again the only thing I can't tell you is what the long term has in store for the holster so be aware of that before you press submit. Let's say I get two years of carry out of it before I retire the holster. Was it worth less than a cup of coffee a week to have a value priced well fit good retention holster? I think so. If I get more then so be it.

Zero engineering - doesn't sound like they've put too much effort into engineering this...

It's almost as if they put lots of research into picking the worst name ever.

I avoid this vendor and advise others to do the same.

TWO HUNDRED TWENTY ONE THOUSAND orders on ebay and 99.6 % positive feedback. How many vendors on ebay have that high of a feedback level with that kind of volume? Not that many, but Botach does. All of you Jew hating pricks get on my nerves, there is NOTHING wrong with Botach or the way they do business. I have spent thousands of dollars with them in the last three and a half years and they have yet to fuck up a single order. Simply put they don't, or they would not have that kind of positive rating on Ebay. Botach used to ship slow when they had sales, they fixed it. I get shipping notifications when i buy from them and they ship the same day a lot, next day sometimes. They used to oversell items on their website during some of their AMAZING sales (think ACOGs for $800) but a few years ago they started a live inventory system and they no longer do that. In closing there is no need to slander them and there is even less need to read or believe the slanderous fucks that talk shit about Botach because they are lies and i can only imagine it comes from antisemetism.

Great comeback and I really like how you psychologically figured out what kind of people you were writing about. I give you ten stars for that reply. Bill Z.

FWIW I ordered this holster for Glock 19/23 (and two of the Sig two point QD slings for $13/ea) and my order was processed and shipped within three business days. This was my second order over the last few months from Botach. I too have been hesitant over the last few years to consider them as a source due to the reputation, but I gave it a shot on some items I considered extra-value and didn't need in a huge rush. Both orders processed and shipped within the written and stated shipping times that Botach gave me. Obviously this is just my experience so take it for what it's worth.

I have purchased several things from them and have never had a problem. I guess it's hit or miss. You also have to work around the Jewish holidays.

Now that they have an online inventory system things have been better. If the item doesn't show a quantity next to "Availability" then they are out-of-stock. If a quantity is listed, they're in stock.

I've got some of the best deals from Botach, but they're known for bad customer service and communication.

Unfortunately Botach's online inventory system still cannot be fully trusted.

Ive had several previous orders with them that were all fine, but I ordered one of these Holsters a nearly a month ago when they said it was In-Stock.... Three weeks later, nothing.... After several emails and calls where they assured me it was shipping each time, finally a honest CS Rep was told me they'd had "some issues with the Zero holsters" and weren't selling them now.

I actually would order from Botach again if I saw a good deal. But realize if your order doesn't ship after a week or so just call them and cancel it because its likely never coming.

I've never had a bad experience with them, brought several items in the past and also brought this holster. *Knock on wood*.

I like this holster. This is a pretty nice holster for $30, no retention adjustment but can't really complain for that price. Most holsters are in the $50-$80 ranger. Nice IWB/OWB feature.

Seeing this post, it (unfortunately) reminded me of a terrible past experience where Botach tied up thousands of dollars on one of my credit cards. Pissed me off so much, I felt compelled to open an account and leave a review, reflecting my experience with them. Apologies for the type-o's, I was emotional when I wrote it.

Constantly sell shit they don't have in stock and then try and sell you a similar product for more money. Fuck boatch

This is something that they used to do years ago and all of the little forum ninjas read about it and then parrot it back at every opportunity due to their anti-semetic attitudes towards a Jewish company? That is the only way that I can explain it. I have spent several thousand dollars with them over the last 3 years and have never had a single hiccup. On a couple of incredible deals where I bought Trijicons optics at about 40% off ( i got 3 of them) I think i had to wait nearly 3 weeks for my order but other than that one time they all have came within a week, sometimes 3-4 days. I highly doubt that i can have that many orders and never experience what you claim. I smell BS>

73 Corbin this is Bill Z or Ziggy61 as I'm listed but do I have your permission to use the description "forum ninjas" I almost peeded myself when read that and your other replies. TEN STARS

I get tired of all the complaining about Botach when so much of it seems to be simply regurgitated stuff they read about. That said, cool down on your race carding waving. It's more of just a popular belief than something about disliking any certain group. Sure, I've seen a couple of those comments, but there's always a few of everything.

It's called a BACKORDER, and they send it out when it comes. It's a gamble you took (and probably because of a price you couldn't pass up).

I pre-ordered and felt like I got screwed, but really it was a gamble to try and get a low price. Basically greed.

Thanks for this post, I almost never take the time to leave reviews for my experience(s), however felt compelled to take the time to not only set up an account with, but to leave a semi-detailed story on how I came to share the same sentiment as the majority of other victims on that site, from Botach. Thanks for a whole bunch of nothing Botach!

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