The Zeiss Victory 10x45 Rangefinding Binoculars are a robust set of binoculars, not just in terms of form but in terms of technology as well. These high-performance optoelectronic instruments are built to be a rugged and highly useful tool in the hands of any hunter or bird watcher. A solid magnesium housing coated with a layer of shock absorbing rubber means these rangefinding binoculars are always protected, whether it be a small drop or brief water submersion. The fluoride glass and T* coating on the lenses provides incredible clarity, brilliant color intensity and makes these binoculars a very effective viewing tool even in twilight conditions. The lenses also feature a LotuTec® coating that allows water to roll right off the lenses allowing for clear viewing in almost any weather condition.

The Zeiss Victory 10x45 Rangefinding Binoculars are capable of repeatedly finding the range of just about any target within their 1300 yard range in less than half a second. This makes the Zeiss Victory 10x45 Rangefinding Binoculars ideal for ranging fast moving targets or tracking the migration height of geese while in scanning mode. The Victory RF also offers an important feature for hunters, using the SET button the user can activate the BIS® technology that allows the user to select a ballistic program that is appropriate for the path of trajectory.

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Says 3 guys that have never looked thru Schott glass.
Google it.

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Strong money for something you can do for easily half the price.

A $450 range finder and a $450 set of binos will be just a good.

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When I win the Lottery I’m buying expensive optics like this but in the mean time my Vortex 10x42 for 249 will have to do

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Can’t disagree with you but I think the “savings” is what what it pop up here

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