Zastava M88A Compact 9mm Semi-Automatic TT Tokarev Type Pistol - $219.99 + Free Shipping

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Zastava M88A Compact 9mm Semi-Automatic TT Tokarev Type Pistol
Comes With 2 Mags and Cleaning Brush

Our new compact 9mm TT style pistol is an improved version of the basic M88 model.
The M88A has an external safety and features a hammer forged barrel and slide.
Ergonomic improvements include polymer grip covers and the mag. base is designed for easy removal of the mag.
Comes with two 8 rd. mags. and cleaning brush. Barrel: 3.78", Overall: 6.89", Weight: 1.87 lbs.
Not available for sale in CA; NY;Cook County, IL or where prohibited by law. Condition: New.
Really nice little more compact version of a traditional Tokarev pistol.
For those of you like me, who love a Tokarev, but want something a little more concealable... This is the answer.

Product Specs Semi-Auto 9mm Parabellum 2-8 Round Mags
Caliber 9mm

Item #:HGN-ZASM88-C

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Zastava
UPC: 741566112270
MPN: ZM88-101
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walt's picture

don't buy this gun,,from any

don't buy this gun,,from any body,,its JUNK,,after 300 rds the mags fall out,,fixed that,,( norenco mags,) after 1000 rds the slide cracked,the keeper pin is lose,,sent it back,,6 to 8 weeks wait"n period, I mite get it backed FIXED,,

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I didn't think I would like

I didn't think I would like the Tokarev grip angle, it looked uncomfortable to me. (this looks pretty similar)

I collect C&R firearms and decided to get a Yugo Tokarev. It feels great in my hand, I wasn't expecting to enjoy shooting it so much. It looks very nice, robust and well made except for one issue:

Compared to my Dad's Romanian Tokarev, my Yugo has some REALLY rough machine work on the slide rails. The action is quite gritty. It was so bad at first, the slide would stay back without the slide release engaged. It has smoothed up after sitting and cycling the slide constantly during a 1.5 hour movie, and after a couple hundred rounds shooting it. It's still pretty gritty, though, and I think I'm going to lap it or do some polishing.

This was an older, C&R Tokarev, though. Zastava may be doing a better job these days on their machine work. Maybe mine was made near quitting time on a Friday or something. My Yugo SKS is quite smooth.

Hope that is helpful.....

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Any good/bad news on the

Any good/bad news on the trigger/ trigger travel & pull/ release? How about the grip angle/wrist angle? Too straight for me, from the looks of it; but I love my old Luger and my Ruger Mk II. What's your take? Any gunsmith around who would do a trigger job on this commie block design? Regards...

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Trigger started out pretty

Trigger started out pretty gritty but it's smoothed out a lot. I had to do a LOT of detailed cleaning when I first got it. Don't expect to ever get to match grade; you won't get it with this weapon. I just saw a video on youtube that went into how to completely disassemble Tokarevs and it looks like it may be relatively easy to do the "$0.25 trigger job" on the trigger assembly. I'd try that first before going to the gunsmith.

The grip angle doesn't bother me - my Ruger Mk. II is a favorite as well. The pistol has been very accurate out to about 15 yards - I haven't tried it any further. It's been very reliable thus far. I literally haven't had any malfunctions in over 500 rounds. You cannot beat this proven design in an all-steel handgun for close to $200.

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I'm I missing something? This

I'm I missing something? This is not a Tokarev style pistol, this is the Yugo M88, Classic Arms description is wrong. This is the Yugo Tokarev Style 9mm M70

the real Yugo Tokarev is M57 (7.62x25)

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The M88a is the 9mm, compact

The M88a is the 9mm, compact version of the Tokarev.

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Great pistol. Accurate, feels

Great pistol. Accurate, feels great in hand and eats everything. Easy to disassemble/assemble and very robust.

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