Manufacturer: Zavodi Crvena Zastava aka Zastava Arms

Importer: ATI of Summerville, SC

Model: M70 Standard Sporting Rifle

Caliber: 8X57mm / 8mm Mauser (Standard Commercial Loading)

Barrel Length: 23.6"

Capacity: 5+1

Receiver Drilled and Tapped for Bases

Stock: European Walnut, Matte Oil Finish

Triggers: Double Set

Overall Length: 44.5"

Length of pull to front Trigger: 14.25"

Approximate Weight: 7.9 Lbs

These rifles were imported from Europe by ATI and are fine examples of a popular sporting rifle used by a variety of European countries. The rifles are all used in what we would call good to very good condition. The bore condition is also good to very good, in most cases it's likely that with a light cleaning these rifles will perform exceptionally well.

There is no manufacturer to warranty these rifles, they are being sold EXACTLY-AS-IS, we offer no warranty, returns or exchanges. All rifles are assumed to be functional as we test the mechanics of each one however they have not been test fired.

There will be slight variations in stocks, sights and features. We have hundreds of these rifles in stock and we will NOT be taking actual pictures. The pictures are exemplary of the condition and configuration of the rifle you will receive.

Manufactured at the famous Zastava Arms factory or Zavodi Crvena Zastava as it was formerly known when the country was still Yugoslavia. Behind the Zastava name is a solid Mauser action made by a company with roots back to 1853 that has been making Mausers since 1924.

This particular configuration is the M70 Standard Sporting Rifle and features a Mauser 98 style action. These rifles are one of the most popular sporting rifles available on the commercial market in Europe. The most unique feature of these rifles are their double set triggers. This feature is not something often seen on more "Americanized" rifles. This system works by pulling the rear trigger to "set" the front trigger. This allows for a very light and crisp pull of the front trigger for making that precise shot in the field. The front trigger can also be used like a conventional two-stage if you do not wish to utilize the "set" function of the rear trigger.

The barrels are made of cold hammer forged chrome-vanadium steel, which guarantees high precision, constant accuracy and durability. The barrel and receiver are finished in a finely polished blue, and the stock is made of high quality European walnut, that features a matte oil finish.

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I'd like to know how the bores are , also. A lot of corrosive surplus 8mm in Europe.

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While I feel this is a decent deal and I would like to own one of these old sporting rifles, I am skeptical without any "real" photos of examples. It would be nice to see a few that are true in stock. Instead of a polished picture.

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