Zastava Arms has a few decades of experience building millions of AK-47 pattern rifles and the new ZPAP85 AK Pistol really shows it. Imported through Zastava Arms USA, the new ZPAP AK-47 is built on a stamped 1.5mm receiver with a bulged trunnion for rigidity. The attention to detail on the new ZPAP M85 is superb from the properly set rivets to the deep blue finish that blends beautifully with the dark walnut forearm and synthetic pistol grip—all of which are US made parts for 922R compliance. The polished Nickel Molly steel bolt carrier and double stack bolt provide a stark contrast with the rest of the gun that really set it apart from the rest of the market in terms of aesthetic. However, aesthetic is not usually what most people look for when purchasing a Kalashnikov for their collection and the ZPAP M85 Pistol exudes function over form. It features a bolt hold open notch in the safety selector for locking the bolt open without a mag and even comes with a bolt hold open capable magazine, making reloads much faster. The hinged dust cover allows quick access to the internals like the heat treated fire control group and features Krinkov style sights on top. The Zastava USA ZPAP85 Pistol chambered in 5.56 NATO will make a fine addition to any level of collector while still providing the performance expected from a high quality AK at the range.
- Chambered in 5.56x45 NATO
- Bulged trunnion with 1.5mm receiver
- 10” cold hammer forged barrel
- Forged barrel trunnion
- Stamped steel receiver
- Deep blue finish
- Polished Nickel Moly steel bolt carrier
- Krinkov style hinged dust cover and sights
- Synthetic pistol grip (922R)
- Hardwood forearm (922R)
- 30 round bolt hold open magazine (2 922R parts)
- Bolt hold open notch safety selector
- Weight: 6.6 lbs
The Zastava Arms M85 ZPAP features a 10” cold hammer forged barrel, forged barrel trunnion, and a thread protector. Finding a high quality, reliable, long lasting AK-47 just got easier with Zastava Arms USA’s newest addition to the firearms industry.
Zastava Arms USA was established in 2018 to more easily import the high-quality AK-47 pattern rifles and pistols into the US Market. Utilizing the experience, technology, and quality control that Zastava Arms has been developing since 1853, it has never been easier to add a Kalashnikov pattern firearm to your collection that you can depend your life on.
Barrel Coating
Barrel Length: 10
Brand: Zastava
Caliber Gauge: 5.56 NATO
Frame Size: AK Pistol
NOTE: Limit 1 per household. Quantities exceeding 1 will not allow checkout.
MPN#: ZP85556

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I payed like 4 and some change some years ago. I remember hearing they were no longer gonna be making ak
type platforms
In 556

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The Pap's used to be $400 before 'take their guns now, due process later' took office.

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Based on recent polls, there is an increasing likelihood that you will work the same number of hours for less take home pay and with fewer gun rights in 2021. Won't that be great?

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Unfortunately this is probably correct

1 vote
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Sounds like 45 is hard at work "threading harder."

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