This is a new condition Zastava Tokarev M57 semi auto pistol in 7.62x25mm caliber. Features 4.5'' barrel, single action, nice blued finish, with two 9rd magazines, instruction manual and proof certificate. Manufactured by Zastava in Serbia. Century Arms Import. CAI #HG3087-N. New production and therefore not C&R.


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I am going to be very close to the above comment :)
But I have a few years on him as I started reloading and gunsmithing in the early 60's.
Reliable and adequate self defense is not about how much money one spends.
Quite simply it is about stopping power and how well you can direct that stopping power.
This firearm is very reliable, cocked and locked and yes the 7.62X25 is one powerful round.
Very simple to maintain as the design allows the gun to be broken down in components with no tools.
Fits any 1911 holster or a Yaqui which is my preferred carry method.
I carry one spare mag and am very accurate with this pistol.
I put a grip sleeve on the original grips and it really changes the hold/pointing of this weapon. Perfect fit and excellent value.
Put a dot of fingernail lacquer polish on the front sight and I prefer carrying this gun to my high end 1911's now. Just fits better all around.
Excellent firearm at a real value.

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I have been shooting guns since 1971.I've owned about 80 different guns during that time span.Some I still have,some I traded away.My usual carry weapon for years has been the Glocks 31,32 and 33.That's changed.The handgun that I carry the most now is the Zastava M57.It has the feel of a 1911,but it is slimmer.It's a newly manufactured pistol with 2 new magazines.The gun's claim to fame is it was the WW2 war pistol of the Russian military. Also that it's bullets will out penetrate the 380,9x19, 38 special +p,357 sig ,357 mag,40 S&W,10mm,45acp, 45 colt and others. The 7.62x25 Tokarev is one of the most likely pistol cartridges to penetrate soft body armor, that might be worn by an active shooter,terrorist or criminal gang member. I use newly manufactured Wolf Gold ammo ( available online at good prices ).I bought two of these pistols and I bought an additional 2 mags for a total of six mags. I carry 4+1 mags when I wear it as my carry gun,9 rounds per mag.The M57 has modern safety features including hammer block,mag safety and manual safety.It fits in a 1911 Fobus holster.It is very concealable.The 7.62x25 Wolf load is 85 gr fmj or hp @ about 1600 fps and 500 lbs ME.If you carry a pistol to protect your life,the popular Ruger 380 is not nearly as good a choice as the M57.I carry this pistol instead of many Glocks,Sigs,CZs,Steyrs,Rugers,S&Ws,IMIs,Springfield Armory's and others.It's well worth the money.Buy two.Alone the mags are 30 dollars.if you buy two pistols you actually end up getting the 2nd gun for $190 ( deducting the 60 dollars you would have spent to buy two spare magazines ). Carry 4 mags and lock the second gun up as a spare. This pistol is a sleeper hit,most people don't know what it is.An inexpensive,soft kicking but powerful pistol that will save your life against anybody except a guy with plate armor on. No one makes high cap doublestacked M57s,if they did it would be better for self defense than almost any other handgun.

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