Backorder - Yugo PAP M77 PS 7.62x51mm with Synthetic Thumbhole Stock & Handguard #RI2063-N - $549.99 + Free Shipping

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Yugo PAP M77 PS .308 with Synthetic Thumbhole Stock & Handguard

Features and Specifications
.308 Winchester (accepts 7.62x51 NATO)
Manufactured in Yugoslavia at the Zastava factory
Synthetic thumbhole stock and handguard
Classic AK styling
Adjustable gas system
Cold-forged barrel
Key internal components are all machined from solid steel
19.7" barrel
40.55 overall length
Weighs 8.6 lbs.
(1) 10rd magazine included

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 308/7.62x51mm
Brand: Zastava
UPC: 787450225268
MPN: RI2063-N
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Just recently these started

Just recently these started shipping with only 1 10 round mag. Good luck, you can't even get these from Century any more or any where else for that matter. Sad to see a $10 magazine stop the sell of a $549 rifle.

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Are these black stocks

Are these black stocks original? If not, I wish they would keep the wooden stocks on them.

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410skeeter's picture

This is the actual factory

This is the actual factory stock. Includes an inch thick recoil pad, palm swell on grip for right handed shooter, but you could work the swell down for a lefty.
I thought at first I would replace it, as some others have with a folder(go to some AK forums), then thought I'd camo it, but for now I just left it. it is very strong, much more so than wood, albeit historically not as aesthetically pleasing. The rifle balances nicely. It does not come with a cleaning rod although it has the catch under the barrel and the hole in the lower forearm. I have an extra 91/30 rod I'm going to shorten and tap to U.S. cleaning tip thread when ever I get in the mood, for now I just use a 30cal M1A1surplus pulthru.
These rifles are factory test fired and sighted in as the front sight is staked, so I cleaned mine real good although it was not filthy(it had been cleaned). I was surprised that they go to that detail as that is usually reserved for a military spec/use rifle certainly regular sporting rifles are inspected, but not test fired for function/accuracy within spec, etc.
They should include 2 mags, some even included 3. I would look around as the mags run just under 30$ if you can find them, but other mags are very easily converted with a small file, again just check AK forums for images and procedure.
The PAP M90 is same rifle with slightly heavier barrel, but I think the M77 one is plenty heavy enough, just so you know when checking mag conversions as the mag is same.

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Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info!

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i just wish that they would

i just wish that they would ship like everyone else with two mags. You can use galil 308 mags in this rifle with a little mod to the mags they fit great and are way better than the one that comes with it

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So is the caliber 7.62 X 39

So is the caliber 7.62 X 39 or .308?

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308 just looks like the

308 just looks like the version that they have in 7.62/39

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'Manufactured in yugoslavia'

'Manufactured in yugoslavia' .... Really? Interesting.

This is a decent price on this gun. They were 499 elsewhere plus shipping a week or so ago

The adjustable gas system is cool

Word is they wont be making these any longer, but thats pretty much the same rumor ive heard for every comblok gun in the past five years

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410skeeter's picture

Well Yugoslavia doesn't exist

Well Yugoslavia doesn't exist anymore as a whole, hence Serbia I believe is the biggest player, their money is not worth as much as it should be causing their items to be extremely competitive against our $. Remember Kosovo? Slobodan Milošević? and Nato? Wars there? Not sure if there are some more small sovereign countries from the break up. would have to check it out if interested.

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Old Yugo has been defunct for

Old Yugo has been defunct for some 20 years now, this rifle was built in Serbia. It would be great if there were 20 round magazines available. A simple mag well opening and some American parts to make it 922r compliant would make this a great battle rifle.

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Go to the AKForum search for

Go to the AKForum search for M90mag conversion. The M90 is heavy barrel M77.
Details and images to convert cheap($15) M1A/M14 20rd mags to this rifle, all you need is a file. Other mags too. or google "convert M1A mag to M90 mag"
Piece of cake to remove light front spot welded nut. Uses 14/1LH.
Other conversions to change to folder stock, etc., on Forum.
You're right these are very well made to mil spec, each is test fired and sighted in at factory.
A couple of places have already gone up to +750$ that where in the 550-600 range, so the rumors may be correct.

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