Yugo M77PS PAP AK/RPK Style Rifle, 308, with Black Synthetic Stock - $499.95

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Yugoslavian M77PS AK/RPK PAP rifle in 308 caliber. They have a black synthetic Galil style forestock and thumbhole buttstock, with heavy duty RPK style receivers trunnion. Features 19.5" barrel with adjustable gas system, side optics rail, adjustable sights, and includes ONE steel 10rd magazine. May or may not include cleaning rod. CAI# RI2063-10


Weight: 11.00

Condition: New
SKU#: 1-1788xq

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 308/7.62x51mm
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
UPC: 787450225268
MPN: RI2063N
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410skeeter's picture

The comments noted below to

The comments noted below to the PAP rifles do not apply to the .308.
These rifles are manufactured to mil spec, including test fired 100% at the factory in Serbia for function and accuracy requirements like all military rifles are(I know this for a fact as I needed to clean the copper fouling from the barrel better before breaking it in & the front sight is marked to the base so it was sighted in). These are beefed-up receiver factory designed for the 7.62NATO round using factory designed double stack mag. Yugo has been making guns since the days of the first Cannons, their Mauser 8mm bolt action is famous, so are their 8mm AK EuroSnipers.These are not surplus reworked by Century Arms with iffy barrels or receivers and not to be confused with those 7.62x39 rifles which came in cut in half.
These rifles are new factory with adjustable gas port to tune the rifle to your ammo/recoil.
I've been messin' with guns all my life, God know how many hundreds have gone thru my hands in over 50 years, I bought one of these after taking a close look at the AR10's (excellent rifles overall),the Vepr good gun too, But the Vepr isn't test fired at the factory, built more like a commercial gun including the propaganda.
It was a close call and may get something else later, but for now, this AK I will trust my life to, it's that good.
To get max accuracy out of any AK the Russian Snipers are taught to hold @ the Mag, not under forearm as that puts upper stress against barrel and messes with the harmonics.
A Russian POSP scope fit like a glove, A little take up and the trigger breaks like glass and it's not broken in yet. A Tabuk DragunovTiger muzzle brake 14/1LH completed the shooting aspect. I'll camo the stock in the spring, it is so solid and ergonomic good fit, for the $ I'll leave it alone.
I noticed after getting mine(of course), one retailer offers 3 mags, most offer 2 mags w/rifle, mags where avail for 28$ but seem sold out for now, I just got paid and was gonna get a couple more, but more will be in, you can probably get direct from Serbia if you dog it right as Mags don't require FFL. The M1A1 with minor mod also works, I'll try a couple 20rounders @15$ea and mod them, that aughta do it.
The Hogs in Tenn are sausage at my table this year! Happy New YEAR Guys!

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i've recieved unsatisfactory

i've recieved unsatisfactory customer service from J&G, and would like to warn against using them as a retailer.

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Care to elaborate a little?

Care to elaborate a little? I've purchased from them (lowers) and the purchase was a bit awkward due to my email's and this was at the height of the sandy hook craziness. In the end everything was fine with my purchase.

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Bought one 2 weeks ago when

Bought one 2 weeks ago when they were $499. It's a well built gun. Cant' wait to take it out and see how she runs!

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I need a higher paying job.

I need a higher paying job. Or maybe i can work out a deal and sell my soal, so many sweet prices on sweet guns!

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Unlikely seeing as you can't

Unlikely seeing as you can't spell the word 'soul'... ;)

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Everything I have that is stamped from Zastava runs like a top and is built tight, not overly tight where it becomes picky, but NOTHING is sloppy as in some AK's.

I have other YUGO's so I leaned this way instead of a VEPR. Maybe the VEPR is as good or better (I do not own a VEPR) but at $599 with 3x Ten round mags this M77 seems like a deal.
I think with a larger caliber like .308, 3x Ten rounders is o.k. to start out with at the range.

I suspect a VEPR or this M77 will both chew up the less expensive steel cased .308 and would make a good back woods or bench gun.

Cool to have another option out on the market other then the VEPR!

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Saiga 308s have been out

Saiga 308s have been out there forever and are excellent guns after you move the trigger group forward, which is particularly easy with this Saiga model. A lot of mag and accessory options for them too.

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Centerfire has the .308 Veprs

Centerfire has the .308 Veprs for only $30 more. Those are better rifles: better fit and finish, chrome-lined innards, more mag choices, etc.

2 votes
2 votes

More than 30.. they charge

More than 30.. they charge more for shipping + 3% for credit cards. Although I agree the Veprs are better.

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Last time I got a rifle from

Last time I got a rifle from them, the shipping was $16. The credit card shit was lame tho. I didn't even know about it until I ordered.

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13081's picture

Great price! .308 AK!!!! I

Great price! .308 AK!!!!

I can't wait to burn some steel cased .308 through this to justify buying steel cased .308 in the first place.......
Looks like a deal to me.
Thanks JOHNB for posting this!

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Words of advice: Get a

Words of advice: Get a Russian Vepr instead. Check them out at Centerfire Systems.

1 vote
4 votes

Have you ever seen, held or

Have you ever seen, held or fired both of these? I didn't think so, hold your advise until you have & quit being an internet expert of nothing.

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Don't presume things. I've

Don't presume things. I've never seen or handled a .308 PAP, as it's a rather new product on the market, but I've handled and shot plenty of other Zastavas and Veprs. Veprs are better guns, period: more consistent quality of fit and finish (Molot's manufacturing and QA are not notch), not fucked with by Century Arms (you always take a chance when purchasing any gun that they did anything to), having the current very accurate Russian cold hammer-forged barrels and mil-spec chrome-lining of critical components. When it comes to the .308 models, there are three different mags choices with Veprs: K-Var sells OEM 10 rd mags for $25, Promag makes $35 20 rd which are a lot better than their usual PoS mags (I think they contract these out) and CSSpecs makes really good (but pricey) steel 20 rd mags.

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i have....have you? CAI

i have....have you?
CAI screwed it up and has been in their shop for over 8 months now, they screwed up the conversion from single stack to double stack and i have been unable to use this rifle for close to a year now including my time and money trying to sort it out on my own, on some of them simply swapping out the bolt isn't enough as after some research i tried that, Fail.....

some of them work, some of them don't, i won't tell you what to do as it's your money to gamble with if you see fit, i just know I'm avoiding this model of AK indefinitely after my previous experience....i'm still waiting for the rifle to come back so i can get a refund.
read this and pray you don't get one of the so called 5%

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Have you? Pros and cons? I am

Have you? Pros and cons? I am considering buying this. Thanks

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from my link i posted "We

from my link i posted
"We were not the first in the industry to receive these rifles and by the time ours arrived we had already heard of some of these rifles that were having feed issues. As such, we determined that we would at least hand feed several rounds through each rifle before we allowed them to ship.

Let’s face it, no one likes returns and we were determined that if there were some problem rifles we did not want them leaving the building…

Here is what we found. As we expected, most rifle feed flawlessly…
At least 9 out of 10, and really about 95% were smooth as silk out of the box and we simply could not make them jam or mis-feed either through hand cycling rounds in and out of the chamber or through live fire.

As for the other 5 % - Every now and then we are coming across a rifle that has failure to feed issues. The problem is quickly identifiable as it will typically happen within the first couple of rounds. When we come across one of these rifles it is rejected for return to the importer and taken out of our shipping stock. In truth the culprit in every case has been a very easy fix that regards relieving just a little metal from the rear corner of the front trunion on the problem rifle. I would not even call this a bad rifle, just a rifle that didn’t get checked out closely enough and get final tweaked properly before leaving quality control at the importer.

Unfortunately, in this day of such high demand, poor quality control is all too common, and the worst part is, the fix is easy if you know what to do, it will make the rifle run flawlessly, and it is totally imperceptible on the rifle. But that is a separate issue for a gunsmithing column."

not something that can be fixed without some machining, also due to the slanted rear receiver you cannot find other stocks for it if the thumb hole bothers you, personally i'd suggest not risking becoming one of the 5% and go another route.....i'm done with my input on this thread... just thought i needed to share my personal experience with this particular rifle.

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Thank you for your input. I

Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. I am going to just stick with my sks not an AK but zero problems. Thanks again.

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hey an ak is an excellent

hey an ak is an excellent weapon, I'm just saying this particular model is not on par with the rest of them due to some problems from the importer configuring them for the us market, i'd suggest saving an extra $100 and buying one of the other many good ones out there, i have an sks as well and love it but also like my AK's as well, nothing wrong with either platform, the AK is the next evolution of the SKS, i'd strongly suggest you pick one up when you can afford one, just not happy with the keyhole stocked PAP model.

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