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Prepare for any emergency scenario with an XMRE Extended Shelf Life MRE that contains 12 shelf-stable meals you can eat right out of the pouch. Each meal included in these Survival Food & MREs by XMRE provide 1,300-1,500 calories and balanced nutrition to keep you energized and fully-fed. This XMRE 1300XT MRE is a genuine U.S. military-grade MRE, but it is completely suitable for any civilian emergency preparedness kit. Stock up with this XMRE Extended Shelf Life MRE - Case of 12 to have a reliable food supply on hand that doesn't require refrigeration.Note from manufacturer: This MRE does not include a heater.
Specifications for XMRE Extended Shelf Life MRE 1300XT:
Weight: 17.1 lb
Package Type: Box
Quantity: 12 Meals, 6 Menus
Model: Variety
Weight: 17.1 lbQuantity: 12 Meals, 6 MenusModel: Variety



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Who is the idiot that posted this shit? $70 for '6' meals, not 12. Get your shit together.

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Ok price but u can find better for less. Dont make them like they used to

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Extended shelf life = firmer shits after eating.

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Why do you think Army towels are so rough? Only way to clean your ass after eating an actual MRE. A handful of gravel also works in a pinch.

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