Brand new from Flash Point Industries! The much awaited XM42 Lite flamethrower! The world's most affordable flamethrower.Introduced as a more budget friendly option, the XM42 Lite looks to bring handheld flamethrowers at a cheaper price point. Weight: 5.5lb Fuel Capacity: .3 galNon-stop usage: 24 secondsRange: 25 feetLow Voltage AlarmFinish: Powder Coated
UPC#: 760999923383

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I had no idea you could buy something like this!!! So friggin awesome, every patriotic law abiding household in America need's one (for each household member from little Petey to Great Grandma Mabel)! You have rights that our fourfathers gave their lives for excersise these rights if we don't we might just lose them. As the saying goes use it or lose it!

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