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Up to 900 feet (300 yards) at night, 1320 feet (440 yards) during the day. Electronic view finder, large F1 .4 aperture, IR LED, capable of taking photos and capturing videos, 1x and 2x zoom. Perfect for hunting, camping, spectator sports, etc.

Model number#: XANB20

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NV is a pay to play sport.

You pay $131 for a NV device, you are getting a piece of shit that is just going to annoy you.

1 vote
1 vote

I have a $100 NV scope which is more than adequate for spotting / identifying people and animals at 100 yards in near darkness. It would only annoy me if I expected to drive at 50 MPH with my headlights off or if I was clearing houses for a living. I have no idea about this particular product however you need to be realistic what you are getting at a certain price point.

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