WWII German P-38 9mm 5'' Sprewerke Factory Made - $449.99

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Found securely stored at a police facility in Germany, these original WWII era pistols are a collector’s delight. Featuring WWII German Military markings, we have available in limited supply P38 pistols marked AC, BYF & CYQ, manufactured between 1940 and 1945. Palmetto State Armory has a good assortment of non captured marking and captured marking pistols, with either brown or black original bakelite grips. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a real part of global history in your collection.

Qualifies as Curio/Relic. These P38s have import marks. No handpicking available.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel Length 5''
Made at the Sprewerke Factory

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
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I picked mine up today. Was a

I picked mine up today. Was a low serial number. Putting it at January of 1943. All numbers match. It was one of the first 10,000 made at spreewerke. It's in great shape, very happy

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Hope I get a good eagle/

Hope I get a good eagle/ swatstika stamped one for collectors sake .

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Bought one a couple months

Bought one a couple months ago. CYQ Russian capture. The frame and slide have machining marks due to it being a late war production gun. Shoots great. Great price. Very satisfied.

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My friend just got one of

My friend just got one of these from Palmetto in the mail the other day. It's in nice shape, a Russian capture, and it appears the military markings have been peened.

All Ive seen is a picture, but this is how it appeared: (speaking about the side of the slide) You can see the eagles, but where the numbers or swastika are directly under the eagle, the numbers are for sure peened and possibly the swastika too. Although you can still tell it's a swastika, you can only really see the middle where the "X" is.

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I ended up with an early ac41

I ended up with an early ac41 Russian capture in very good shape. Obviously refinished by Russians, but all matching numbers except magazine. Import mark is very small on front side of grip. Big "X" on slide. From the other two reviews on Palmetto's website it looks like these may be all Russian capture guns. I think I may have just gotten lucky w/ the "ac41" as the reviewers received cyq guns. Took a full two weeks for them to ship.

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That's not much more than

That's not much more than P-1s go for these days.

Not sure how these look, but if they have the military markings intact and in good shape, even if it's a capture this is a good price.

I'd go for it if I wasn't about to buy a 1K gun safe.


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Price is good, gun is good,

Price is good, gun is good, Palmetto is good.
I don't know what kind of import mark this P38 has, but if it's Century Arms, I'm sooooo sad.
I really hate CIA dot type long and poor import mark under the barrel.

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The import marks are a tough

The import marks are a tough part of being a collector. Sometimes they take great care in them, and put them in a good spot. Then you get the ones that are like a billboard and look like crap.

I got a CZ-82 that would have been 100% finish, except the import mark on the slide chipped away an unsightly hunk of the "paint". That was a bummer.

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I read something that claims

I read something that claims these were made late in the war using slave labor, and that many of them were sabotaged and are unsafe to fire. I have no idea if its true but it is something to consider.

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I have seven P-38s, and 3 of

I have seven P-38s, and 3 of them are Sprewerke "CYQ".
All my CYQ are shootable.
Usually AC and BYF are better finish, and CYQ finish are little rough.
Because Sprewerke was making mainly heavy artillery guns, finish was not important to them.

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Got mine couple weeks ago,

Got mine couple weeks ago, pretty accurate but shoots about 4" low at 10 yards. I did some reading and it appears there are several front sight height from the factory. I guess they put the wrong one on and didn't have time to test it... I found some lower front sights, I'll have to figure out the best one to use

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