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All you need to do is add the lumber! Build your 36" h. workbench to whatever size you need to fit your space easily. Just cut your own lumber to whatever length you'd like, up to 8', and secure it onto the heavy-gauge, rust- and solvent-resistant Legs.
Holds up to 1,000 pounds per shelf! Kit includes 4 legs. Plus, 6 BONUS ShelfLinks® to build a shelf on back of the bench or one that's free standing.
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Workbench Legs Kit
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You can buy a complete, 72” fold out work bench at Home Depot for 80 bucks.

4 x 4 pressure treated legs on mine, 3/4" oak plywood top. I can park a tank on mine. The crappy part is I might be selling the house and moving. No way I'm getting the work bench out of the basement...

Pretty good price for this kit.
To me, the biggest caveat would be the 36 inch height of the main bench. Just a bit too low for my needs.
The kit does look like a good idea and undoubtedly would be beneficial to many, but I'll continue to build my own the same as I have in the past.
(FWIW, none were made of 'burled walnut' either! LOL!!!)

I built my reloading bench/workbench out of these, although I bought them from Amazon a year or so ago.

Don't be fooled by the tiny bench shown - you can go about as big as you could reasonably wish. The instructions come with your wood requirements for whatever dimension you choose. I went with 10 feet x 4 feet with 3/4" plywood for the lower shelves and 1" veneered for the top. 30 minutes for Home Depot to cut the wood to my dimensions, an hour or two to screw it all together, and I have one solid, heavy mofo of a bench. Tons of work space & storage, and I can crank on my presses with wild abandon without the slightest worry.

I'm sure plenty of woodworker types are sneering as they buff their burled walnut benches to a mirror gloss betwixt their asscheeks, but for those of us with limited time, patience, and particularly skill - these things are pretty sweet.

Asscheeks make the best shine

"Betwixt their asscheeks". Lol!!

I used these to build a bench as well. Great way to do it if you have limited woodworking tools.

Totally agree, have 3 of these built into a "U" huge work shop in the unfinished area of my basement. Nice and solid (have multiple presses mounted, everything from single stage, to progressive, to big single stage 50BMG, and crank on them without issue). Can build pretty much as big as the lumber/your space will allow (although if you use a full 4x8 sheet for the working surface, 4' is a bit deep for reaching back to regularly). Have impressed and inspired several friends and family to build their own work benches from these after seeing mine.


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