This 9mm ammo may appear to be brass-cased at first glance, but look closer and you will see that it actually has bimetal cases. These are nearly entirely made out of steel, which is Wolf’s style because steel is far more affordable than solid brass.
On the exterior the steel cases are copper-washed. This helps them feed a little more freely, and it also provides some protection against corrosion. But be certain: This ammo’s cases are not reloadable, and they’ll lead to more fouling of the action than brass cases would have.
This budget 9mm range ammo’s 115 grain FMJ bullets also feature bimetal jackets. This similarly reduces Wolf’s overhead, but you’ll have take care that bimetal jacketed bullets will attract a magnet. Not all ranges are going to welcome this ammo through their doors!
Wolf loads cost-effective Berdan primers. They are completely non-corrosive and won’t coat your pistol or carbine’s interior with caustic salts.
UPC#: 645611763281

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