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Affordable without sacrificing reliability, Wolf's 6.5mm Grendel steel cased Military Classic is priced economically so you can stock up and spend more time shooting. Feature boxer primed steel cases. Bullets are made with a bimetal jacket and will attract a magnet. May not be allowed at some indoor and outdoor ranges.

6.5mm Grendel 100gr Full Metal Jacket 500/Case
Cartridge: 6.5 Grendel
Bullet Weight (Grains): 100
Rounds: 500
Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Brand Style: Military Classic
Muzzle Energy: 1676, ...


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This is a lower price than what I paid for the same ammo via SG a couple of years ago w/ their coupon, and at the time that was a considered a RED HOT deal. So yes, buy it cheap & stack it deep! Just remember that this ammo is slightly undersize [.264, instead of .268 iirc?] and therefore lower pressure & lower velocity than other Grendel of similar grain weight; you'll definitely need to re-zero if you're used to shooting the higher-priced spread! This is general blasting-grade, & doesn't live up to the accuracy standard Grendel is known for, so don't get your hopes up. For the price, it's OK.

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