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Winchester USA Forged Handgun Ammo
Winchester® USA Forged Handgun Ammo is a great value for high volume target practice, offering brass jacketed, lead core FMJ bullets for reliable feeding and minimum lead fouling in the bore. Noncorrosive boxer primers and clean burning powders provide consistent pressures for optimum accuracy, while cost-effective steel shell casings minimize the chance of case ruptures. USA Forged Handgun Ammo functions well in all types of firearms. Made in USA.
Manufacturer model #: WIN9SV.

Great value for high volume target practice
Brass jacketed lead core FMJ bullets
Non-corrosive boxer primers
Clean burning powders
Steel shell casings
Web ID: 2253959

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Comments (5)

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Use to buy it when it was real cheap. To anyone having any kind of cycling problems here what you do to solve it. Get a ammo can (you should really already have several just saying) dump your ammo in and then pour a tiny amount of whatever favor gun oil you got laying around. Mix and ad more till all rounds have a very light coating. Solves 99% of my cycling issues. Yes your hands will be oily after load mags get over it

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I've shot several hundred rounds of this stuff through a SIG SP2022 and a P80 940C and no problems. It should be cheaper though. My experience is it looks rough but it works. Lots of bad reviews though.

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Definitely the worst ammo ever produced.....if you can get more than 3 shots off in a row without a malfunction consider yourself lucky

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Picked up 1000 rounds by mistake thinking it was brass tried to exchange same day was told no exchanges far was the worst looking rounds I have ever seen look like the casing had been sitting in salt water cabelas has lost my business for ever

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Just wait until you try to shoot it. I messed up and bought this stuff before too. It’s garbage. You’re definitely going to get to practice some malfunction drills.

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