Winchester 45 ACP +P 230 gr JHP Ranger T-Series Police Trade Ammo 500/Case

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I got an email from them about this tonight. Sounds like a good deal. I bought 1 case (wouldn't let me buy more than that). Copying their description below...

This is police-trade ammunition that was originally issued to a police department but was never used or even opened.

By purchasing this, you'll receive a full, unopened case of Winchester Ranger RA45TP (45 Auto +P 230 grain T-Series), which includes 10 boxes with 50 rounds each.

Note: Because these cases are unopened, the individual box color and design may vary. Whether you receive a "brown" colored box (as pictured) or a "black" colored box, the ammunition inside is the same.

Description from Manufacturer:
When a situation unfolds, so does the Ranger® T Series handgun ammunition. With an unbeatable combination of expansion and penetration enhanced by engineered segments in the patented SXT® design, the T Series can be relied on to deliver consistent stopping power in real world situations. Backed by a comprehensive testing and training program, Winchester T Series is ammunition that always performs at its best—even when things are at their worst.

Amount: 500
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 45 ACP
Brand: Winchester
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Just received mine, came in

Just received mine, came in factory sealed bulk pack. Opened it and found newer product in the blue and black package.

Have not been able to find lot code and date it.

Found code I believe and online info decodes to Decide 12 2014. Not that old and same price as over the counter ball ammo in my locale.

Great deal, shipping fast processing near a week..


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Damn Ohio store, tax of $16

Damn Ohio store, tax of $16 and $20 shipping . 50 cents a round too rich for my blood. Wouldn't mind having a box or two for carry though :(
PS> I have gotten guns from them and they are a class act!!

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I ordered a case and shipping

I ordered a case and shipping was $20. I added 3-XD45 mags and shipping remained $20.

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Better deal then the Gold Dot

Better deal then the Gold Dot Gen 2 9mm trade ins that was floating around the other year. At least this bullet has been proven to be effective.

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You guys feel free not to

You guys feel free not to purchase and leave plenty for me. I have bought and shot this for several calibers. Awesome stuff and sure has always looked new to me!

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I would buy a bunch, but I

I would buy a bunch, but I live in Hawaii. Shipping kills basically every ammo deal online.

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What they are (and yes I

What they are (and yes I speak with experience as L.E.)
Are when rounds are carried on duty for 1 to 2 weeks in a firearm they get dumped and replaced with fresh rounds. Usually at the departments armory they have a large bucket or box that officers dump these rounds into then they get sold by weight to wholesalers who sell it as police trade in ammo. It's perfectly good stuff although sometimes the cases will be scratched or a bit dirty. It's good, quality, self defense ammo. Now sometimes yes they may be a round the department has switched away from or leftover old stock from range days as well. But like I said it's all quality ammo and can be had for a fraction of original cost.

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I bought this deal and it was

I bought this deal and it was a sealed case.

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Just so I am following your

Just so I am following your reasoning... So carrying rounds in a mag for a few weeks drastically reduces their reliability or something?

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I agree, I’ve never purchased

I agree, I’ve never purchased any ammo from there.

But, the ammo test that they did was phenomenal.

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These are the best you can

These are the best you can get. These are rebranded black talons that they banned years ago. Theses are the ones they were saying that go through bullet proof jackets.

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That is sewing circle

That is sewing circle nonsense.

These are designed to expand, which is not conducive to armor penetration.

There is a version of this that is designed to defeat minor barriers, but that does not imply armor penetration.

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That’s why they banned them

That’s why they banned them I’m not saying they will but that was these reason

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Price is great but have to

Price is great but have to wonder about origin. Why would a PD trade in "perfectly good" ammo like this, apparently for a really cheap price if SOS can sell for this price....Hope it didn't come out of a flooded supply room in Houston or something. Past "sell by date" perhaps??? Makes me wonder, no such thing as free cheese....except in the mouse trap. Weird.

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There was a post similar to

There was a post similar to this a few years ago, and comments were that the rounds were recalled when the batch/lot number was checked.
So yeah, Police Trade In ammo? Definitely do your research, and be good to the community and post good or ill findings.

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Have you considered what they

Have you considered what they do with inventory when the pointy heads agree with FBI and mandate switching to 9mm.

Resistance (to .45 acp) is FUTILE!

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This, and the standard

This, and the standard pressure stuff, performed best out of all the defensive 45 acp on the lucky gunner defensive ammo test, penetrating an average of 14.5 inches and expanding to 1 inch over an average of 5 shots.

Usually costs closer to a dollar a round.

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Most people agree on the

Most people agree on the performance. I can't wait to try it out. But I don't care much for Lucky Gunner. Would never buy from there. They're always overpriced and they were one of the first to gouge us when sh*t hit the fan after Sandy Hook (them and Cheaper than Sh*t).

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"Due to high demand and

"Due to high demand and limited supply, this product has a max-purchase limit of 1 per order, per customer, per day."

If the deal is still going, maybe we can purchase another one the next day.

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One of my go-to defense

One of my go-to defense rounds.

These and HSTs give me a good warm and fuzzy when I am carrying.

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Thanks just ordered a case.

Thanks just ordered a case. Excellent defensive ammo although the +P isn't really necessary. Hard to complain at 40 cents a round. This is just rebranded Black Talon without the black bullet coating

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Yeah, I have a friend who

Yeah, I have a friend who owns a couple boxes of the old Black Talon. He won't shoot any of them, because he says they're an "investment". But he turned me on to these, saying they're the same round.

Excited to try them out.

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