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Wilson Combat Match Grade Barrel, 9mm for Glock 19, 4.02in., Stainless. Compatible with all Generations of Glock handguns.
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Features of Wilson Combat Match Grade Barrel:
- Match-Grade - Superb Accuracy (2in. Or Less At 25 Yards With Good Ammo)
- Polished feed ramp, bore and supported chamber
- 1 in 16in. twist conventional broach rifling will accept lead, jacketed or plated bullets without fear of pressure spikes caused by polygonal rifling
- Fully Machined From 416R Stainless Steel
- Heat-Treated To R/C 40 For Maximum Service Life
- Critical Manufacturing Tolerances Are Held To Less Than .0005in. (One Half Thousandth Of An Inch!)
- Glass Smooth Chamber And Perfectly Concentric With The Bore
- In Our Barrel Test Fixture We Routinely Obtain 1/2in. At 25 Yard Groups
- Detailed Final Inspection Prior To Receiving The Wilson Name On The Hood
- Critical Lock-Up Contact Areas Cut To A Dimension That Provides A Good Lock-Up in most guns
Package Contents:
- Wilson Combat Match Grade Barrel
MPN#: 647
UPC#: 874218009465

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It's priceless that people actually believe that there is nothing that can possibly be better than the stock glock barrels. You are a complete and utter moron. Unless dvor has it wrong this was taken directly from their page. "In Our Barrel Test Fixture We Routinely Obtain 1/2in. At 25 Yard Groups"
There is most certainly more accurate barrels out there than the stock glock barrels and they are safer with fully supported chambers.

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Glock barrels are more than you will ever need you wont see any accuracy/performance gains just a lighter wallet

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Are oem glock barrels considered “match grade”? What’s the difference between something match grade and not? Also what are your thoughts on this barrel? No frills and high quality?

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