Warsport Closeout - Uppers, Lowers, Magpul, ALG, Lantac, Warsport, - $49.95

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ZRODelta is blowing out all of the old Warsport Manufacturing inventory. This includes not only Warsport uppers, lowers, and rifles, but many of their components as well. Lantac, Magpul, B5, ALG, Radians, and many other brands at below distributor pricing. Items are first come, first serve, and are announced every day on Instagram by @thepeacegeek . Many items are sold out within a few minutes, but there are tons of great deals up every day.

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Yeah shipping is expensive. I

Yeah shipping is expensive. I was going to buy a rail but its around 14 bucks to ship it.

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It looks like ZRODELTA bought

It looks like ZRODELTA bought War Sport and is liquidating all of their old inventory. Shipping is a little steep so make your order worth it.


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cant find any uppers like in

cant find any uppers like in the thumbnail. I got excited for a cheap upper.

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You have to follow

You have to follow @thepeacegeek on instagram. They post on IG when the items are live, as soon as they sell out, the item disappears from the site. There are more uppers coming.

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Good prices but questionable

Good prices but questionable as hell.

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Why questionable?

Why questionable?

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