The VG6 EPSILON 556 is our highest performing tactical muzzle device. The EPSILON 556 is a younger sibling the GAMMA series muzzle brake, but with an attitude that matches its larger size. Designed for the discriminating shooter and professional end-users, VG6 Precision's EPSILON 556 Tactical Brake is brings you the best recoil mitigation the industry has to offer. This is a true combination muzzle brake / compensator / flashhider. It is the only muzzle brake that can substantially reduce muzzle flash while retaining full recoil-reducing properties
Brand: VG6 Precision
Finish: Salt Bath Nitride
Manufacturer.: VG6 Precision
Material: Steel - 17-4 PH Stainless
Suppressor Mount: Non-Mount
Thread Pattern: 1/2 X 28
Type: Muzzle Brake
Weight: 2.56 Oz
MPN#: APVG100004A

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Probably one of those deals that comes out at checkout.

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Clicked on the link and it showed $79. Clicked on it 2 minutes later and now it's showing $72.24. Do I just need use the link 20 or 30 more times to get $38?

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Primary Arms has a lot of deals that require you to put it into your cart to see the price, and you'll see the red words that say you need to do that. But for me I this deal doesn't require that, it says it right on the page $38. You probably clicked on it in between their transition from last weeks sale to this weeks sale, they've been on sale for about 2 weeks now. I just bought this from them, along with the cage device, for standard price of the brake, can't wait to shoot it!

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