Vepr Tactical Sniper Rifle 7.62x54R - $1079

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Atlantic Firearms is now taking Pre Orders for the incoming Vepr 762 x54R Rifles. Limited numbers of these rifles will be offered & Atlantic Firearms will not take more orders than what we have arriving. Vepr Tactical Sniper Rifle 7.62x54R , 23" barrel, semi auto New imported rifles from the Russian Molot factory . If you are searching for a rock solid accurate rifle to eat the 762 x 54R round then this is the gun for you . These rifles are a much better rifle than the Romanian PSL or FPK series with top quality Russian Heavy Duty parts and build.

Base Russian rifle imported from the Famous Molot Factory
Heavy Duty thicker receiver and other components for superior accuracy
23 Inch Russian Cold Hammer Forged Chrome lined barrel with threads
SVD /Dragunov Style flash hider
Quad Rail tactical front hand guard upper & lower
Hogue Rubber Pistol Grip with Finger Grooves
Black poly rear buttstock
G2 Fire Control

Veprs are built for extreme demands above and beyond all others with extra heavy duty receiver, extra heavy duty reinforcement each side and an extra heavy hammer forged chrome lined target like barrel. The combination of years of proven design with attention to detail has produced legendary dependability and legendary accuracy from the jungles to Siberia!

Enhanced against weather and mechanical wear the cartridge chamber, barrel bore, gas cylinder, and bolt- support rod are chrome lined.

The VEPR Rifle in 7362X54R is the top of the line in Kalashnikov action semi-automatic rifles. With features such as; Hammer forged heavy barrel, (including a chrome lined barrel bore, chamber, gas block and gas piston), 1.5mm thick receiver, RPK front trunnion, three locking lug bolt, spring loaded firing pin, side scope mount . The VEPR is simply the highest quality rifle based on the Kalashnikov design. The VEPR Rifles and Carbines are sporting arms based on the famous Soviet designed RPK. VEPR rifles are manufactured at the historic Vyatskie Polyany Machine Building Plant (a.k.a. "MOLOT"). Molot has been building excellence into their firearms for over 50 years

Rifle comes with 2 Russian factory 5 round mags does not include optional 10 round SGM mag in picture .

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 7.62x54R
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anyone knows when or if we

anyone knows when or if we will ever get vepr hunter in 54r

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Virgle's picture

I was going to buy one when

I was going to buy one when they had free shipping. I ask them if they would ship it to Alaska for free, if so, I would buy one. It would have cost them $20 more, maybe. They said no. This is not a company I will spend one dime with. They apparently don't want to work with their customers. It least, not all customers.
But, that is their right to do so.

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Downward Thumbs, cracking me

Downward Thumbs, cracking me up, must be the competition.
Made by the best so I don't have to do a damn thing to it.
I guess; "To Each His Own" but this rifle has everything I need.
I love the authentic AK rear stocks.
It has the best fitting grip that I put on all my AKs; Hogue.
The forend gives me options to put on a detach scope, bi-pod, grips, etc.
What a "Rock solid, clean / bad-ass looking, straight shooter" that eats up the cheap stuff.
I can't wait to get one and will be a proud owner.
Seriously, I'm not going to war with it, so all I need to do is grab a couple 10 round mags, a case of cheap ammo, throw a shit CA mag release button on it and slip it in a bag - and my playtime begins.
Thanks Atlantic.

slapping down my 2 cents

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After looking into bi-pod

After looking into bi-pod placement on these rifles, I found that you should mount them to the front of the receiver and not to the forend because it may interfere with accuracy.
Still like it , just wouldn't put a bi-pod there

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I would rather buy one and

I would rather buy one and modify it to my personal taste the aks arent as hard to modify as some people think, with that being said it may be a good deal for those who are firearm challenged or just dont have the time or patience to modify it themselves, primary arms has some sweet rail systems that i would rather use on this and archangel has a pretty cool stock, the only thing i realy like is the pistol grip and muzzle break so its not a deal to me

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you thumbs down people dont

you thumbs down people dont know what you are talking about. The Centerfire at $775 has no stock, no handgrip, no forearm, no flashider, and will cost $250 to add. Also the sight is only for 300 meters and must be replaced with a 1000 meter at another $50 with install. You will end up paying the same as here in the long run with a lot of hassle so this is a reasonable deal if not a bargain.

6 votes
2 votes
mrtexasfreedom's picture

For being a 'sniper' rifle,

For being a 'sniper' rifle, doesn't seem like a lot of attention is placed on scope mounting options...

3 votes
3 votes

Why? Those mounts actually

Why? Those mounts actually cost $$$ (the non-UTG ones anyhow)...

4 votes
2 votes
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Is this the Noveske of Mosin

Is this the Noveske of Mosin Nagants?

5 votes
1 vote
Virgle's picture

Any one plan on getting one

Any one plan on getting one of these?

5 votes
1 vote

I just posted a 20 inch one a

I just posted a 20 inch one a few days ago that was $729 at Centerfire Systems. Their 23 inch model is out of stock right now, but is listed as 779. They come with crappy stocks that should be replaced, but so does this $1000+ one. I don't know how people are thumbing this up, its clearly not a good deal.

3 votes
4 votes
Virgle's picture

When to order one till I saw

When to order one till I saw the 3% for credit cards. I can wait.

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FYI, Atlantic Does not charge

FYI, Atlantic Does not charge 3% for Credit card Orders.

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Cheap hand-guard, cheap

Cheap hand-guard, cheap stock, cheap pistol grip, I rather buy a new one and spend the extra 400 in better parts and how I want it set up. (its 700 in centerfiresystems.

10 votes
3 votes

I generally agree, but the

I generally agree, but the Hogue AK pistol grip is not "cheap" and is quite well-liked. Also, the SGM quad rail hand guard is ok, if you want something light weight for casual accessory mounting. Vepr hand guard options are pretty limited. The Tapco stock would definitely have to go though. Don't forget that this has a G2 trigger group in it. Sure, it can be DIYed, but the G2 commonly requires some fitting with Veprs. I would personally build my own, but this "product" is obvious for people who don't want to have to "fuck" with their weapon.

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