Vepr 12-02 Semi Auto Shotgun features the original metal folding stock (welded open)
Limited Supply!

This Version of the Vepr 12 Semi Auto Shotgun features the original metal folding stock (welded in open position), This is your chance to own one of these highly sought after shotguns , The Vepr 12 gauge shotgun is known around the world as one of the finest IPSC and 3 Gun shotguns made. Everything about the Vepr is heavy duty and built like a Russian Tank. Comes With One 5 Round Magazine ( Shown with SGM Drum Mag and Optics NOT INCLUDED) .

Note: The stock has a small weld to have it fixed in the open position for Import Restrictions
It can be modified to fold by simply removing the small weld. If you do modify the weapon it would need to be 922R compliant .

The Vepr 12 Features

Original Molot Polymer Pistol Grip

Original Molot Polymer Lower Handguard

Original Molot Polymer Upper Handguard

Molot Self-Regulating Gas System

Original Molot Metal Folding ButtStock with check Rest and Sling loop

Original Molot Competition Magazine Well

One Original Molot Factory 5 round Magazine ( Shown with SGM Drum Mag and Optics NOT INCLUDED)

Molot Factory AK adjustable rear sight with Hinged dust cover with a picatinny rail

Factory chrome lined barrel, chamber, receiver shaft and gas chamber

Factory last round bolt hold open

Factory threaded barrel (thread pattern is the same as Saiga)

Factory machined bolt assembly, gas blocks etc. (not cast like other AK shotguns)

one year manufacturer warranty issues will be processed through a US Based service center if you encounter a problem please feel free to contact our office we will be glad to assist .

(The VPR-12-02 comes with all the necessary folding mechanism components / hardware, including machining the opening on the left-side of the receiver. The VPR-12-02 can be converted to a folding stock shotgun by having a competent gunsmith machine off the weld and install the 922r compliant parts.)

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