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About Vectronix COTI (Clip-On Thermal) Monocular Basic Equipment Kit 12712-3610-07

The Vectronix Clip-On Thermal Imager (COTI) was designed to provide its operator with the ultimate advantage in low/no light conditions by revealing far more than what is normally visible when using NVG devices. When paired with conventional night vision devices like the PVS-14, the COTI adds a layer of thermal detection that identifies both present and residual heat sources. Most night vision devices can only provide the operator with the ability to see in low light environments but that’s only part of the picture — the Vectronix COTI exposes potential targets that may be using some kind of cover that would normally defeat standard night vision capabilities. No matter the scenario, the COTI works with the NVG device to provide maximum situational awareness, allowing its operator to make well informed decisions on how the mission should proceed.

Due to the compact size and weight of the Vectronix COTI, the device is an excellent standalone thermal monocular when used with the optional eyepiece. The low power consumption of the unit, optimal sensor technology, and high performance optical components integrate to provide a state-of-the-art thermal optic that is ideal for a wide range of applications.

The Vectronix COTI features two heat detection profiles (White Hot & Black Hot) as well as three viewing modes (Full Thermal, Patrol, and Outline). These options ensure that the COTI can be configured to meet the demands of any scenario, whether hand-held or weapon/helmet mounted.


  • Pocket Sized & Lightweight
  • Two Heat Detection Profiles: White Hot & Black Hot
  • Three Viewing Modes: Full Thermal, Patrol, & Outline
  • >3 Hours of Operating Time at 73° F
  • Wide 20° Circular Field of View



140mm x 38mm x 76mm (5.5" x 1.5" x 3")


150g (5.8 oz) Including Battery

Monocular Magnification:

1x (optical)

2x (digital)

Field of View:

20° Circular

Thermal Sensitivity:

Detection: >500m

Recognition: >300m

Sensor Resolution:

320x240 pixel 8-12μ wavelength


White Hot or Black Hot


Micro Display with Adjustable Brightness

Red Hue Display When Used As Monocular

Battery Type

(1) 3VDC Lithium CR123A

Operating Time

> 3.0 hours at 73° F

Optic Details

Sensor Type: Uncooled LWIR Microbolometer Fixed Focus Objective Aperture: f/1.15

Item Condition


Product Type


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