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The iconic Smith & Wesson 10 Revolver has set the standard for double/single action 6-shot revolvers for more than 100 years. Known for legendary performance and worldwide popularity, the model 10 was previously known as the Smith & Wesson .38 Hand Ejector Model of 1899, the Smith & Wesson Military & Police, or the Smith & Wesson Victory Model.

This reliable, no-frills revolver has served as police sidearms all over the world and is still a great choice for self-defense. Few guns have served as long as the Model 10 .38 Special and remained unchanged in essential detail.

The commercial Model 10 has seen tweaks and revisions over the decades, often characterized by a dash with a number after the base model. This particular 10-7 version began production in 1977 with a change in gas ring from yoke to cylinder on standard barrels.

Condition: Used surplus
Caliber: .38 Special
Action: SA/DA
Capacity: 6 rounds
Sights: Fixed
Barrel Length: 4"
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Reliable double/single action 6-shot revolver
Great choice for self-defense
Fixed sights
4" barrel
Action Double Action Revolver
Barrel Length 4 in
Caliber .38 Special
Condition Used
Firearm Capacity 6
Firearm Model S & W Model 10-7
Firearm Type Handgun
Sights Fixed
Unit Weight 0.00 lb
Item No. 669581

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Dahlonega Armory has them for $208.08 -

Screw Gander Mountain - let them go out of business.

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Damn, I'm late to the party. Sad! Missed out on similar revolvers before *SOG (Southern Ohio gun) went out of business. * RIP, you'll be missed!

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0 votes

Piggy-backing on this post: I got 1 from Dahlonega Armory a week ago. It took like 2 weeks to ship but I can't blame them because of corona-virus screwing up delivery services.

I got it, shoots good and has a few scratches, but i'll throw it in my glovebox with speed strips. For around 200, I would recommend if you're looking for a s&w.

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0 votes

Care to post some pictures of your piece for people to get an idea of what they'll get for this price?

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0 votes

Thanks for posting. I had to play the police trade-in lottery. I ordered at 2 Eastern today, 4/19/20 and 4 hours later they are still in stock. $20 shipping, and not searchable on their site, only through this link.
You might want to post the Dahlonega item as a separate deal.

1 vote
0 votes

Thanks for the feedback. I have posted it as a separate deal.

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0 votes
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