Used Glock 22 Gen 3 Police Trade-in With Two Mags, Various Conditions - $329.99 (Free S/H on Firearms)

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Glock 22 Gen3 .40s&w with two mags, from Very Good to Good Police Trade-Ins, most have night sights.

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 40 S&W
Brand: Glock
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Took only 2 days to get after

Took only 2 days to get after i ordered,Lil holster scratches and the night sights are still bright

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These are not bad for the

These are not bad for the price. Great bedside gun.

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Whichever PD these came from

Whichever PD these came from needs to put their officers through a "how to properly maintain a firearm" course! I understand they are used, but damn...

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solae's picture

If they're bad it could be a

If they're bad it could be a school or academy. Though I haven't seen .40 personally at such.

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For all I really know, they

For all I really know, they actually may still be in decent shape, but some of the pics just looked like they may have not been well taken care of. Being used and being "used & neglected" are def two different things. The latter is why I choose to just purchase new in most cases.

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I ordered one on monday night

I ordered one on monday night and it came in this morning. When i saw it i thought they made a mistake because it doesn't have a scratch on it. The night sights seem like they're a bit dim but its to be expected. If they all look this good ill order a couple more.

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Good to know! Thanks 4 the

Good to know! Thanks 4 the feedback, and I'm sure other appreciate it as well...

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