DB POWER Ultrafire 1000 Lumen Cree Wf-501b Xm-l T6 LED Flashlight Torch 5-modes New - $9.99 + FSSS*

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*Output bright can come to above 1000 lumens [lm]
*Model of LED: CREE XM-L T6 LED
*Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent.
*Waterproofing design
*Aluminum alloy casing
*Aluminum alloy reflector
*5 switch Mode: high / middle / low / strobe / sos
*Power by : 1 x 18650 3.7v(Not Included)
*Colour : Black
*Size(mm):135 x 30(bezel)/25(body)
*Weight : 96g
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Single Package List(Battery Not Included):
*1 x UltraFire 501B CREE XM-L T6 LED High Power Flashlight Torch

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Caliber: Flashlights & Lasers
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Good battery source for these

Good battery source for these lights. I have 3 of these and they are a good light. Its an odd battery so here is what I did. Had a Makita 18 volt drill battery go dead on me. Take that baby apart and it has 6 of theses 18650 batteries linked together. On the Makitas, usually only the first 1 or 2 batteries goes dead, leaving the rest still functional. Simply take it appart, mark your positive and negative, charge them up and you got yourself 4 or 5 batteries. They don't need to have the nipple on them to function in these lights.

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Buy a different brand of

Buy a different brand of battery. The flashlights are great, but their batteries suck. Way under-powered. Their 3000+ mah rated battery is really more like a 1800.

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Great lights, they get down a

Great lights, they get down a little bit less; there are several 501b's on amazon, I have 2 myself. Both mount perfectly in 25mm tactical rail mounts (usually $8). I suggest ponying up and buying the tenergy 18650 batteries ($10 each) and a tenergy charger $10 as well. The other batteries that come with the charger don't last very long and their MA h are overrated. They also make one they sell as a 4000 lumen light that takes 18650 and it is insanely bright. (requires 30mm tactical mount and some electrical tape).

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These lamps are a good deal

These lamps are a good deal for a decent light source. They are very light and the Cree T6 series of LEDs have always been solid performers. One thing however, it is probably closer to half the lumens advertised. This T6 is a capable performer but to drive it that hard for any reasonable duration it must be heatsinked better and it will be drawing about 3.5 amps which few, if any, single 18650 LiPo can do safely. I have not checked the lumen output of this particular lamp myself but based on calculations alone this lamp is much closer to the 600lm or less mark. That's not to say its a bad deal, just that the advertised output is overstated. Lumens is not the best measure of performance as the average user would define anyways. I have several of these 501 series lamps and love them. They are cheap, last long, durable, and light weight. For the money, the ones with the T6 really can't be beat. I have a $300 tactical light I picked up a while back (I didn't pay that much for it but it retails for that) and these T6 501 UltraFire lamps are brighter and lighter. Just pick up an inexpensive tailcap with a remote pressure switch on eBay and you have a very good tactical light for your weapon of choice.

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Odd to catch this, but I've

Odd to catch this, but I've had a small collection of 501As, Bs, and Cs for about 3 years and they've all functioned without issue. Bought a bunch of different Ultrafires back in the day to see how much junk they were and have been very pleasantly surprised that they've lasted for years. Have a B mounted on a Mossy 500 and it seems to take the recoil without issue. Have a C on an AR and over 1K rounds with the light on there and it just keeps working.

If you are going to grab one, be sure to pickup some rechargeable 18650s. You'll save a ton in the long run if you actually use the flashlight a lot.

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