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The Ultra Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tray is a one-piece mobile cleaning device. Its three built-in container holders give each user the ability to easily store and access additional cleaning agents, small pieces and other accessories. Built to last, the cleaning tray is made of Polypropylene. The tray is rigid, rough, durable, and weather resistant. Unlike steel Polypropylene, the tray will not scratch or damage your items while cleaning.
The walls inside the tray, coupled with the diamond groove base, secure what you’re working on so it will not move. The Ultra Tray’s durability and flat bottom design allows you to work on your item while the tray sits on your lap or any solid surface. Now, even if you want to watch TV while, it’s possible with The Ultra Multi-Purpose Maintenance Tray. Also includes two handles and two indents for cradling longer items. It’s easy to clean and easy to store.
- Rigid and durable
- Has a diamond groove bottom base for support and grip
- Mobile
- Lightweight
- Straight-line simplistic architecture allows users the ability to work anywhere
- Three container holders allows the user securely store small pieces that would otherwise get lost
- Three container holders also allows the users the ability to store cleaning agents, accessories, and drinks
- Has four empty spaces between the three containers which gives the users the option for placing multiple items on the tray without scratching the others 
- Three holders extend 2” in height to prevent cleaning agents from tipping over 
- 24” flat bottom base gives users the option of various resting platforms including but not limited to range counters, laps, tables, benches, ground, etc. 
- Can be easily placed in most luggage and traveling bags
- Two curvature indents allow users to place longer items across the tray 
- Curvature indents allow users to transport and move the tray with ease
- Easy to clean and store
- Dimensions: 24.811”x 14.94” x 2.0” (L x W x H).

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Wow, and I've been using mine as a boot tray. Glad to see I'm not the only one!

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It's a freaking boot mat!

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So it is a 5 dollars boot tray with three plastic saucers glued to it? A trip to home depot and the dollar store can score you the exact thing for 8 bucks if you are experienced enough to use superglue. Heck, can even customize the containers size and lid options....

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