Turkish Canik55 Stingray-C Pistol, 9mm Para Semi-Auto 15+1 - Hard Chrome Finish - $319.99 + Free Shipping

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Made in Turkey by Canik55, this pistol is very similar to the famous CZ75 pistol. Features include an ambidextrous safety lever and slide release, loaded chamber indicator, windage adjustable rear sight and an MILSTD1913 Picatinny rail. Comes with two 13 rd. mags, cleaning rod and plastic case.
I have owned a CZ-75 for years and it is one of my favorite 9mm pistols. The contour fits the hand perfectly and they balance so well that they are a pleasure to shoot. The only problem is they are expensive. Well the new Stingray-C duplicates the fit, feel and quality of my Cz-75 in a slightly smaller, much more affordable version. I really like this pistol and why not... It is chock full of features at a very affordable price. Black chrome plated. Made in Turkey by Canik55, this pistol is very similar to the renowned CZ75. Features include an ambidextrous safety lever and slide release, chrome lined cold-forged barrel, loaded chamber indicator, windage adjustable rear sight. Comes with two 13 rd. mags., cleaning rod and plastic case. Barrel: 3.5″, Overall: 6.75″, Weight: 2.3 lbs. Not available for sale in CA; DC; HI; MA; Cook County, IL or where prohibited by law. Comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty! Condition: new.


Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
UPC: 787450210059
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I bought this gun from J&G.

I bought this gun from J&G. This is a great gun. I carry it everyday. This is a CZ 75 compact clone. It is solid as a rock. It is a heavy gun because the gun is made out of solid steal. If so some reason you miss all 15 rounds you can beat the crap out of the enemy with the gun its self. The upside of a solid steal gun is the recoil is low and it is easy to stay on target.

The gun has a great feel in my hand and shoots very strait. The only thing I have a issue with is finding the 15 round mags that this gun uses is impossible to find. They are Mec-Gar 15 round mags and I have yet to find them anywhere. However that said ...any CZ75 mag will fit and they are reasonably priced on line.

This is a great gun for a great price with a lot of features.

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I bought this gun from J&G a

I bought this gun from J&G a few months ago and I liked it a lot. Was well made and very reliable. I prefer my CZ P-01 over the Canik, but it is a great shooter. I have since traded mine, but I did like it. The one thing I did not like was the weight of the pistol. I think it would be much more versitile with an alloy frame instead of a heavy ass steal frame and slide. Makes a great night stand pistol though and looks fantastic. I definitely would not consider this a CCW pistol. My only experience with Classic Firearms was when I ordered some AK74 mags and my transaction went smooth. No complaints. Would be nice to see this in .40s&w.

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buyer beware their selling

buyer beware their selling 15rnd guns and sending out 13 rounder's this ad did say 15+1 last week when I bought one they sent me a 13 rnd gun follow this link it will say 15rnd you can not find a 13rnd stingray on their site but they will sell you one and tell you your getting a 15rnd gun

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this gun is a brick, really

this gun is a brick, really heavy the ambidextrous levers are really stiff and you can not reach them with your thumb when you try to close the slide with your thumb you push down on both levers safety and the slide release at the same time it takes two hands to operate the levers and the levers make the gun really wide will not fit in any of the plastic holsters that the cz po1 will. a good range gun but nothing else

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classic firearms suck arse,

classic firearms suck arse, they renege on their promises, add bullshyte charges, and extrememly poor communication... you been warned

go to grabagun or gunup instead

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or not badmouth a really good

or not badmouth a really good dealer who works hard to sell to online folks at awesome prices to push your terrible scammer sites.

I have ordered multiple times from classic, both on my C&R and on ship to FFL and I have NEVER had an issue with them in the last 5 years.

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Insead How about going to

Insead How about going to your local dealer

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FYI: add ~ $15 for shipping.

FYI: add ~ $15 for shipping. ordered on 12/28; still has not shipped.

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Let me begin by saying that I

Let me begin by saying that I am a big Sig Sauer fan, currently owning five different Sigs, but I'd have to say that I love this Canik 55 Stingray. I bought this gun without knowing much about Caniks except for the fact that they're pretty inexpensive guns which was perfect for a car gun. I didn't really expect this Stingray to be such a sweet shooter and build quality is top notch. No FTEs or FTFs. This is now my nightstand gun right next to my shotgun. This is how much I love this gun :)

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