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223 Remington 55gr Full Metal Jacket 1,000/Case
Cartridge: 223 Remington
Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Bullet Weight (Grains): 55
Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2953
Rounds: 1000
Brand Style: Steel Case


In the fields, at the range or on the hund, ou can trust TulaAmmo to deliver a superior level of internal, external, and terminal ballistics, more consistent velocities and impressive retained energies downrange from your favorite rifle, with an unmatched valut-to-performance ratio. All TulaAmmo rifle cartridges are steel cased, zinc jacketed, non-corrosive Berdan primed, with a phosphate polymer coating and a lead core.
- Shooting Accuracy- more uniform and consistent jacket delivers up to 15% better shooting accuracy than standard bimetal bullets.
- Corrosion Resistance- Zinc jacket doesn't change in apperance over time and is proven to inhibit electrochemical corrosion of the steel case.
- Environmental Impact- Zinc jacket is more ecologically sound.

SKU#: 105000565

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Beware of brownells. Charged my card over $22 more than my order. Even with their own email sent back to them to verify they did not correct. Order returned/canceled. Last time I will ever buy from them.

my mini 14 eats through this stuff

The only time I've had an issue with this stuff was during my first 2 mags in a 10.5 ar pistola from PSA. After that I have had nothing but FLAWLESS experience with this stuff. Super cheap and pretty accurate honestly.

I have shot tens of thousands of rounds of Tula. It has run in everything flawlessly except a 10.5 inch pistol, which is a little ammo sensitive. I even built a cheap beater carbine AR and ran nothing but this ammo for over a thousand rounds with NO cleaning or malfunctions. I greased it up when I built it and just squirted some lube on the BCG around 5 or 600 rounds. Other than being dirty, not a problem at all. Just my 2 cents, folks.

Thanks for the tip.. Can finally get some target practice in.

Over the years I've gone through thousands of rounds of this suff. I haven't had any problems. Buy it cheap & stack it high or burn through it :) I've run it through an arsenal slr 106, pap m85, colt le6920, and psa 10.5 in ar.

Only works in some of my AR's. Will get stuck cases after 2-300 rounds and the barrel heats up and chamber fouls in rifle length gas systems. If you gun is over gassed it'll probably work fine.

Add your comment here... No rifle likes this crap! Don’t use it. Wait for a good sale with free S/h and buy decent brass Ammo. I would rather wait an extra month save $50 more and buy something that not only will shoot well but I can then use the brass for reloading. I won’t even use this stuff for plinking. Not worth the FTF or the cleanup after. Don’t waste your money on crap

My PSA Freedom rifle doesn't like this stuff, even though PSA told me before ordering gun that they had no issues with steel case ammo.

Main reason rounds would get stuck is because the steel jacket has a rougher surface than brass. Even the most minute detail like that can change how rounds cycle or feed. This is good ammo for the price and honestly I recommend everyone shoot steel through their AR at some point. Maybe not all the time but it's good to see and know your AR can fire whatever you throw at it.

Thanks for the info. Worth a try at 5 rounds per dollar.

Work fine in my AR but don't ever use them in a Keltec su16.

My SU-16 doesn't have a problem with this ammo however I could imagine Keltecs having a bit of swing from one rifle to another.

My S&W MP sport II shoots these flawlessly

Same here, chews through this stuff like a fat kid at Golden Corral

Hey, you don’t have to be a fat kid to chew at GC. I’m a bit of a fat guy and GC’s my spot too! Lol yummm

Almost bought this until I read all the comments of rounds getting stuck. Hard pass

Dude, don't listen to the BS. Maybe some people have had problems running this with their prissy lil bitch high dollar rifles, but I have been running this stuff for years and have not had problems running this through my Ruger AR-556 (chews it up, spits it out). I buy this shit in bulk all the time and will always buy it for range practice. People might say it will mess up your BCG and everything else -- bla-bla-bla, but even if it does after 5000+ rounds by then you would have saved way more than that in price of ammo. No parts for an AR are expensive these days even if that were the truth -- but I call BS on that too. I'm not sure about the 10.5 or smaller AR pistols, so I can't speak to that. But I'll find out this weekend cause I just got one today.

You need a heavy buffer and or a stiffer spring. I don't know why, but pistol length gas systems don't like steel cases. Something about expansion. But more pressure for a longer period usually sorts it out. Cheap fix and you can run junk ammo. :)

I've shot a lot of this stuff in my AR... No problems other then the occasional round that doesn't fire on the first primer strike. Keep your weapon clean and you should have no real problems, and make sure you clean the chamber before shooting brass ammo again.

Tried to run this through my 10.5" melonite SBR, cases got stuck bigger than shit like they were lock tighted in there first shot every time, tried it twice and same thing both times. I got a 1000rnds just setting in my ammo cache collecting dust now.

I have a bunch of this stuff. Last time I was out with my Saiga .223 I had a case get stuck in the chamber that was a bitch to get out. Even though I was bummed, I still like it, for the price.

When I first acquired an AR rifle Tulammo would get stuck in the chamber...but at this price, I may have to try it again.

Do you have a chrome lined chamber? From what I've seen, chromed chambers perform better with steel cased ammo. For this same reason the Russian's chrome lines their SKS and AKs for better extraction. Nitride/melonite chambers and barrels should work like the chrome ones do. I have 2 ARs, one is none chrome lined and the other is Nitride, I haven't shot either enough to say if they perform differently with either ammo type. I have had one failure to feed with the non chromed/nitride AR, but it was like the 5th round ever shot through the gun so it may have been just a break in sort of thing. Hope that helps.

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