Troy Defense 5.56 Carbine - $799 in-store at Dick's

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Troy Defense 5.56 Carbine

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
UPC: 812699016985
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Troy Industries Regarding

Troy Industries Regarding Dicks Cancelling Pre-Orders

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Fuck Dick's Sporting Goods -

Fuck Dick's Sporting Goods - just got a UPS envelope saying that my Troy Carbine special order from before Thanksgiving has been cancelled and they included a $100 gift card. They didn't mention why it has been cancelled, just that they are unable to fulfill the order.

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I got the same letter. I also

I got the same letter. I also bought mine on Thanksgiving. I called and they said they have taken a proactive approach on gun!!! I want my gun that i paid for a month ago! I will never shop at Dicks again!

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For extra Troy BattleMags (30

For extra Troy BattleMags (30 round), AIM surplus has them $12.50 each, or $9.95 each if you buy 10.

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Picked this up as a

Picked this up as a door-buster on Thursday night (black Friday) for $715 out the door. I had to special order it (was out of stock) but at that price, will be well worth the wait. sick deal.

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already available???? how is

already available????

how is it that people have already purchased this?
I'm game, but doesn't seem to be possible, unless i'm missing some pre-sale

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it was a pre sale until the

it was a pre sale until the 21st of Nov. Most stores were out of stock, but they accepted special orders and honored the price. I paid for mine yesterday, it should be here in 7 days.

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thanks for the info....sorry

thanks for the info....sorry I missed this one. guessing I won't be able to find it in stock now

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Cheapest I found the parts

Cheapest I found the parts for not including shipping with a quick search on web could be better if I really tried was
Troy 13" Alpha Rail with Sight $229.99
Troy CQB Lightweight Battle Axe $99.99
Troy folding rear Sight $109.99
Troy Medieval Flash Suppressor $39.99
Troy Enhanced Battle Ax CQB grip $16.99
Troy Industries Enhanced Trigger Guard $22.99
Troy Low Profile Gas Block 29.99

Leaves $210 from the $760 I paid for mine for the following items
Lower Reciever minus stock
Upper Reciever
Barrel Nut
Charging Handle
Gas tube
Battle Mag

This is a Smoking Deal!
But if you can't get it in your State at Dicks then I would probably go with the ST Rifle from Aim for $799. I love PSA and have both but PSA seems to be having alot of Customer Service issues as of late imho.

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Dick's was out of stock but I

Dick's was out of stock but I was able to order one and they honored the price. $799 - 10% for signing up for their credit card (which I will pay off and cancel) - $30 in store credit for signing up for their Score Card. Final price after tax and credits $733!!!

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Dicks wont sell this in MN so

Dicks wont sell this in MN so what would be the best option?
Buying the spike's for $799 or buying the PSA parts and learning to build one myself?

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my choice would be Spike's

my choice would be Spike's for sure. I was thinking about it when it was $769 couple weeks ago, I'm glad I waited and got the Troy Carbine

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just special ordered one,

just special ordered one, receipt/proof, can't wait, I was told 5-7 business days.

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I'm still waiting for my Troy

I'm still waiting for my Troy Carbine special order, it's been more than two weeks now. I was told 5-7 business days, but knowing the current AR15 shortage trend I'm expecting couple months... Did anyone receive his/her's special ordered Troy?

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Man this is a good deal wish

Man this is a good deal wish I had known about this earlier when I went to pick up the 10/22 on sale. I saw this rifle in the store and she was a beauty but didn't see any sale tag and it was listed as full price as was the 10/22 but they had a little cut out sign elsewhere with the sale price on it. I guess this rifle may have actually been available at the sale price too if I had asked. Would have saved on tax in the state I was in at the time when I stopped. Called and got the same response about being able to order it at my local Dicks Sporting Goods. Going to cost me about $14 more in tax now. Best Deal of Thanksgiving by far If you are looking for a high end AR-15 at an awesome price.

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I went ahead and ordered it

I went ahead and ordered it from the local store opened up a Dicks Credit Card for 10% off and got it for just over $750 with tax now just got to wait a week for it to arrive in the store.

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more info

more info

just called local Dick's :) and they are all out of stock, but they will special order it and it will ship after thanksgiving, price is still $799

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Is this a really good deal?

Is this a really good deal? I want an above POS ar15. Is it much better than the m&p15 sport?

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in my opinion this is one of

in my opinion this is one of the best Thanksgiving deals this year, I will pick one up later today

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Yep, this is one of those

Yep, this is one of those deals that if you don't like it, you can always get at least your money back out of it. I paid for two last night and he seemed to think it should be next week. Also the Rem 700 in .308 at $349 after rebate is a smoking deal also!!!

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Me and my bother went to

Me and my bother went to Dick's last night and found one new in the box so he got it and I paid for one that should be delivered in 2 weeks max so I am told, also cdnn had good deals on mags 20 round for 3.99 I picked some those up, happy thanksgiving y'all

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