Trinity Force Alpha MK2 Stock

The Alpha Stock MK2 is versatile enough to work with any AR build. Featuring an innovative locking system. The Alpha is easy to install and remove on the any Mil-Spec buffer tube. The butt-pad profiles angled to accommodate plate carriers and the aggressive texturing will ensure minimal movement when manipulating the rifle under stress. For your safety, Trinity Force recommends this part be installed by a competent, qualified gunsmith/installer with an understanding of the weapon platform that the part is being installed on. Always make sure the firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction when working.

Made in the USA!
Weight: 0.0000 oz
SKU: 6524

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AR15 discounts is good to go.
Used them quite a few times, and while it's unfortunate (for them) they are in Commiefornia the girl on the phone (can't recall her name) is an absolute delight to deal with...I had issues with an order and it was immediately fixed to my satisfaction.
Nope, I have nothing to do with them, I'm just happy with their service.
I just wish they'd stop emailing me their fliers...if I want something I'll look, don't stuff it down my throat.

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These things literally fall apart sitting in your safe. And the warrantee process is atrocious. You have to call them to get an okay and RMA to send it back. They'll decide if it's their fault or yours and may not replace it at all. I've had two fail now.

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Hey Max! I apologize for the experience that you had with this item. Are you referring to our warranty process or TF's? We are more than happy to get you replacements. Go ahead and email us at and I will make sure that we get you taken care of. Our apologies, once again.

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