The Trijicon RM01 RMB Mini Reflex Sight helps to improve your level of performance when out in the field. Its compact style makes it easy to maneuver and add to your hunting rifle. The reflex dot sight enables you to see your target clearly, aim and shoot with accuracy.#SKU: 552693369
SKU#: OS36400N

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If you have an astigmatism the dot will look like an amorphous blob (this goes for all red dots)

Also, beware that trijicon's glass coatings make the glass look kinda blue tinted. I personally dislike it greatly. But these are the lowest height, and some guys really like them on top of a pistol for that reason. Also, trijicon's stuff is made in the USA... So there's that

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Can anyone tell me why these are so expensive? I don't see a justifiable tradeoff between dropping 4 bills and seeing a red dot a little higher than your iron sights.

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Better target acquisition, easier to tell if your grips a bit off for whatever the reason. But as an owner of an RM01 you’d be much better of with a Venom or Fastfire or Nikon P Tactical. The RM01 has some pretty cloudy glass.

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Agreed, mine sucks as far as clarity.

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Go be poor elsewhere

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I have RDSs on several of my firearms. They make you faster and more accurate; there is no question. With that being said; these are overpriced. The actual dots aren't that great either. Even a modest Bushnell TRS-25 has a better looking dot. I actually returned my RMR to the factory because it was so bad. The dot was a collection of about 15 smaller dots. Many of them were not even touching the central dot. It was crap. They sent it back saying they replaced a battery contact. The dot still looked just as crappy of course. Even after that, I tried my luck on an MRO. Same garbage dot. Put a Trijicon dot against an aimpoint or other high quality RDS. They will all blow the Trijicons away. The Trijicons are good for durability and warranty though.

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Shoot with one consistently for a time, you will like it, I'd wager. $400 for a lifetime warrantied and manufacturer supported product is not out of the ordinary, and I would say is worth it. If you are in the market for a red dot or micro red dot, why not buy the best you can get?

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Take a look again. RMR electronics only warranty 5 years, RMR duel illuminated tritium 12 years. This is why I went with duel illuminated.

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That is a good point, I will have to look into that. I've not had a great opinion of the dual illuminated products but that may change

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