TNW Aero Survival Rifle in 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP with Scope - Black, Green or Pink, Interchangeable Calibers - $574.99

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The TNW Firearms Aero Survival Rifle (ASR) is engineered to break down easily without the use of tools. This unique configuration allows for easy barrel removal and caliber changes. This rifle is an essential piece of equipment for back-packing, boating, camping, back country flying, mountain biking, or hunting.
Adjustable Buttstock
• Includes (1) 4x30 NcStar Scope and Mount Rings
• Uses Glock magazines

Category: Rifles
Caliber: Combo
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do you need a helicopter to

do you need a helicopter to own one of these rifles?

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Not for me! Sorry, way to

Not for me! Sorry, way to high priced for the base version... wrong caliber(s) for "Survival" or "Emergency" Weapon... wrong design for compactness/ storage...

A solution to a problem that does not exist!

1) Keep it Simple, Stupid... this weapon fails at so many of the Simple levels! A scope is not a Simple main sight, nor an emergency plane crash proof system... oh, to take multiple barrels and multiple magazines with me on my next plane crash/ Mtn walk out...

2) Storage/ compactness: Think Bullpup! Think storage of items within butt stock! Hello! Ar-7 has this one beat! Dont' invent something which is wrong for the job... I even like the FNH 5.7 carbine with a stream lined upper magazine; helps with compactness. Even a butt stock to store the extra magazines within...

3) AR-15/ M-16 platform is so wrong for this application, don't use it, don't mash it into a 9mm/.40/.45 caliber receiver. Hello, look at the movie, if you can't hold the weapon by the magazine well, or by the magazine itself; then why force the customer to buy a forward hand grip. Again, keep it simple... no extra add-ons to make the weapon do something it should do right out of the box. Fixed sights, as part of the upper receiver/ front barrel...

4) Quick change barrel without tools is Geardo Tacti-cool... but not practical in an Emergency/ Survival mode! Hello, you going to bring all that extra crap with you? No, too much weight! I'm not bringing 2 barrels and multiple magazines/ many boxes of different ammo with me! And if I am hunting with my main rifle, then I would want some thing which would help me with a different type of game than a big .30-06 or 7mm.

5) Sorry Charlie, wrong caliber for a "Survival" situation... what you going to eat? Murdered Mountain Men? 9mm/.40/.45 is way overkill on Rabbits/ Squirrels/ Raccoon/ Fox/ Opossum, etc... and sorry, 9mm/.40/.45 is just wrong... how about .22LR, or if that is not enough, .22 mag... even .17 or even 5.7mm would do the job of light weight ammo carrying... or go with 12 ga and carry flare shells and # 7 and #4... ( and could even carry 00 or slug if you wanted heavier killing power!).

6) Don't even get me started on Grizzlie Bear, Black/ Polar/Brown bear... Wolf/ Cougar... or any thing else which might hunt YOU in No. America... that is why they say to carry .44 mag 3-4 inch barrel with you! Sorry, but 9mm/.40/.45 ain't going to do it against a Bear!

Well, thanks for producing a fine weapon, but for me, $574.99 (plus add ons!) is not in my price range/ market... Please rethink your marketing plan, or maybe realize that there are more practical shooters out here in buyers land, who would like a fine weapon at a good price point.


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I mainly agree with you. This

I mainly agree with you. This is more of a range toy than a survival rifle. It is meant for people that like to experiment with different calibers and to compare various ammo brands and loads. Now days everything that can fold in half , detach a barrel or it can be taken apart immediately gets called "survival" tool.

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ATI Jast Right carbine

ATI Jast Right carbine anyone? IMHO sub2000 still holds number one spot even if you get it for double of its msrp. This carbines while fun to shoot are lacking sub2000 folding capability.

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TNW offers interchangeable

TNW offers interchangeable calibes, while SUB2K and JR Carbines don't, barrel is also removable for easier storage. However, this price is MSRP, J&G will have them in stock soon too, so it might be more affordable. $500 including shipping is my target price.

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JR Carbines actually do offer

JR Carbines actually do offer kits to change the caliber. The barrel comes off as well, but it takes a little bit more to take the JR Carbine apart. The just right carbine needs tools to be disassembled, where the TNW can be done by hand. If you don't believe me you can go to JR Carbine's website and look at the video, it's posted on the Assembly & Disassembly page.

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Deployment time from folded

Deployment time from folded to first shot. I probably will be inserting second hi cap mag into subby by the time you attach barrel on aero.

It's a cool concept don't get me wrong. Can customize the hell out of it. Maybe a second choice after subby. Not the first choice.

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