Tn Arms- AR-15 Hybrid Lowers Stripped,Shipped and Engraved -- $35.00

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We are offering our AR-15 hybrid lowers with stock engravings shipping for $35.00 in order to make room for our newest product line the TAC-9.

Our polymer/brass hybrid lightweight Ar-15 lowers come in at 5.2 oz and 308's come in at 6.4 oz to help reduce weight on your build while not compromising strength and structural integrity.
visit for more information and a full product line up.
Stock engravings can be your choice of CO2 or Fiber optic laser ( contact engraving dept for more information on which is best for you)
Nylon 6/6 with brass embedded in buffer ring and grip area.
Colors available in Black,Rifle Green, FDE ( desert tan ) Pink, Stealth Grey and Olive Drab.
LPK and other options available on our site.

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At Tennessee Arms Company, LLC we are moving to make the AR rifle lighter, more reliable, more accurate, and better suited to the combat and sporting uses our customers demand.

Our Patent Pending design for a Hybrid Nylon 6-6 lower receiver with embedded metal inserts is changing the way the industry looks at Hybrid receivers. Our design combines the stability of polymer with the reliability of metal reinforcement in the buffer tube and pistol grip threads. Our design gives you all the benefits of a standard aluminum receiver without the weight and brittleness.

Our products are solely designed to make your rifle more accurate with better reliability. We are not content with building a good product. We want to build the best engineered piece we can that puts rounds on target. All of our innovation and design work is geared toward making things better. We want you to shoot faster with greater accuracy than you ever have.

We are also proud to announce the PreSale of our AR-308 Hybrid Lower Receiver. Available during the first quarter of 2014, the new receiver will be a DPMS style lower built with our proven and patent pending process of using brass inserts in the buffer tube and pistol grip area. With the already reenforced design of the 308, we believe the addition of a lightweight, affordable, and durable Nylon alternative lower will bring a new group of shooters to the AR-308 , which has been out of reach to many due to the receiver cost.

David Roberts, owner

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