The New Tipton Transporter Range Vise will revolutionize the range experience for any shooter. This exceptionally versatile all-in-one range bag system is capable of storing up to 40 pounds of firearm essentials and conveniently transforms into a solid range vise. Included within this unique range system are 2 removable non-marring forks designed to hold up to 4 different long rifles. Upon arrival at the range simply unload the clamping jaws and affix to the slotted joints on the range bag. The Transporter Range Vise will securely clamp on any table top or range bench up to 3-5/8'' thick. Both the Vise forks and the clamping jaws easily disassemble and store in the built pockets of the range bag for convenient transport.

Holds up to 4 long rifles
Clamps on tabletops up to 3-5/8" in thickness
Usable bag measures 9"x 20" x 9"
Overall Footprint measures 11.5" x 23" x 9"
Built in drink holder

ASIN#: B01B3NU534
Model number#: 782805

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