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Fully adjustable to fit bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, AR-15s, and both automatic pistols and revolvers, for cleaning, maintenance and upgrading. Holds hinged-receiver rifles and break-open guns for easy inspection without complete disassembly. Constructed of stiff, solvent-resistant nylon for years of dedicated firearm cleaning. Comes with an AR block that provides a premium base for cleaning or light gunsmithing on your AR-15, in breech or closed position. Convenient polymer block rotates 180°.
Item Note: Not to be used as a shooting rest.
Tipton Best Gun Vise - SKU: 181181
AR-15 Magwell Block - SKU: 156211
Item: IK-231300

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Looking at this last night on Amazon and it was around $90. Glad I waited! Great price! $64 w/ free shipping. Had a $50 gift card that costed me $40. So total out of pocket is $54. :)

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Awesome price, just ordered. 64.94 out the door!

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Page won't load!! Trying to order

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Search the product should come up

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I already had the 1911 magwell adapter and since this comes with the AR15 adapter it was a no-brainer deal. Used Cabela's discount gift card and 10% Active Junky rebate so it came to 55.00, incl. tax. By itself the vise sets on a bench but moves too easily for anything vigorous. Best mount is a board bolted underneath with a screwed in 2x2 "keel" the length of the board. Just set in a good large vise with rotating base and it works great.

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Hell yes. Free shipping and military discount. I don’t even need it but in for one. I will be able to make use of these.

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Ordered on Thursday got in today. I actually attached magwell adaptor straight to my bench for cleaning. Then gun vise for other ish. Will not beat this pricw

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Great Product,Great Price. Should give years of good service.

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Bought one. Thanks

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Ordered, came to $56 + military and free shipping.

Awesome price to have just in case

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This is a really solid deal with the AR magwell adapter. These go for around $99 w/o the adapter normally. I added a box of 500 Winchester subsonic 22lr rounds for $50 to get the free shipping. Came out to a hair under $120 with tax.

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