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Swap-In Ready for Silencer - No Sacrifice of Factory Barrel Performance
Silencerco’s replacement barrel for the Smith &Wesson M&P comes with a threaded muzzle ready for your favorite suppressor. Available in both 9mm and .45 ACP for full-size S&W M&P pistols (NOT 5" Pro Series). These barrels are machined from high-grade stainless steel to factory dimensions for an easy, drop-in fit to your M&P. Muzzle threads are compatible with the most popular silencers for each caliber.

9x19mm model: 1-10" RH rifling, ½"-28 threads
.45 ACP model: 1-16" RH rifling, .578"-28 threads
416R stainless steel
The Silencerco S&W M&P threaded replacement barrel easily turns your factory M&P into a suppressor-ready pistol.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:71, Page:220


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Code doesn't seem to work with the Silencerco barrel for Glocks. Shipping comes off but price stays at $ 149.99.

Anyone know if they sell treaded barrels for a Springfield armory subcompact mod2 40 Cal?

Any idea where to get a 92fs barrel in stainless threaded?

Sear in for part #

Silencerco has them but in clack, and it doesn’t come with the swinging link that attaches to the barrel, you’ll have to purchase that separately from somewhere

In black color ( correction ).

It’s for the free suppressor which any non serialized item doesn’t count toward.

Post is wrong. This does NOT count toward the free SilencerCo silencer as the barrels aren’t serialized. Also the promo code is $10 off so this will be $135 shipped. Fix the post.

Thanks for the confirmation! Someone needs a calculator.

Where's the rebate?

I have one for my G19. Fits perfectly, is accurate, and is great for use with a suppressor. On sale it is a good buy.

Have you actually shot it with a can on it? My Glocks gas me real bad with a can on. I only shoot my Octane HD on my Sigs and Springfield Xdm now. The glock functioned fine, just spit so much gas and unburned powder in my face that it sapped the fun out of shooting.

Be a cold day in hell when I pay $219 after code for a threaded g43 barrel. I dont care if it includes the piston or not.

I won't be part of this hobby's mass retardation problem.

I snagged 2 of these a couple months ago from Brownells $115 shipped(each). Nice barrel, shot well. fit was flawless. I have to get a couple universal pistol adapters for my "can" though. Another $50 :(

Can someone enlighten me as to why the generation of pistol matters. (Glock- converting a 27 to a 26) Thanks.

Flash sell till Jan 3rd on these $86.42 shippied

Link isn't what I was expecting...

Do you have a silencer for 40 cal no shiels

I got one for my 226. Price was $119 shipped to my door. Haven’t received it yet, but I got shipping confirmation yesterday

FYI - Although advised against, I installed this in a G23 RTF2 using everything but the magazine for the .40S&W and it ran flawlessly. 115g, 124g, 147g, suppressed and unsuppressed. VERY happy with this purchase.

So, you installed the 9mm barrel in the .40 cal Glock and there was no fit play between barrel and slide hole in the front of slide? The barrel must be very tick then ?

how long will it continue?

If anyone is interested in this for the Shield 9mm, you gain a full 1/2" of barrel. Got mine today and have put 60 rounds through it, 115, 124 & 147gn XTP's are as or more accurate than the stock barrel. no problem going in to battery & locking up, a win all the way around. Ordering for my G19 now.

Has anyone used these with 147gn XTP 9mm? Most aftermarket barrels I've used don't work with it so well.


The link price is different than stated! $144 when I click on it

I'll be in for one in the 9mm flavor. Cheapest I've personally seen and I've been looking at the Silencerco barrels for a while.

Can we get this in other colors?

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