Notice: ThorFire PF01S Led Flashlight is an upgraded version of PF01. PF01S is smaller but more powerful than PF01. The specific features are as follows
reasonable modes with memory: Moonlight-High-Low
Shorter length of 98mm, lighter in weight of 1.09 Ounces but more powerful with 120 lumens max output.
High-efficiency refection lens.
As the latest mini LED flashlight, ThorFire PF01S Flashlight is designed to provide you with a smaller size yet brighter night working experience.
Dual Mode Tail Tap Switch
Momentary ON: Tap and slightly hold the switch button
Constant ON: Depress the switch button
Switch Mode: Repeat the "tap & hold" action to switch between Moonlight-High-Low; depress the switch button to stay on the current mode.
The flashlight will memorize the last brightness level.
ThorFire provides our customers with 40 days money back guarantee and 18-month worry-free warranty service!

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