Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe Light Weight .45 ACP Caliber Carbine 10.5 Inch Barrel Blue Finish 10 Round Drum
Blade front and open rear adjustable sights. Walnut horizontal foregrip. Ten and one half inch barrel with 1-16.38 right hand twist. Aluminum frame and receiver. Walnut stock, horizontal foregrip.
Caliber: .45 ACP
Magazine Capacity: 10
Barrel Length: 10.5 ­
Auto Ordnance 1927A-1 DLX LWT 10.5 10

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10 round drum

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0 votes

Why would anybody be interested in such a large gun for only 10 rounds? Silly design.

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0 votes

for Mexican carry at IDPA matches- of course....!

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0 votes

Will this also take standard 20 rnd stick mags? and 50 rnd real drum mags? Nice to see Alum receiver; would be an even heavier 2 handed pistol without that...

0 votes
0 votes

10rd drum magazine??????? wtheck......oooh for CA and NY....what a waste of a beautiful firearm =(

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0 votes
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