T/C® Compass® II 6.5 Creedmoor 22"

The reliable performance of the original T/C® COMPASS® rifle – now with Thompson/Center’s Generation II trigger system.

T/C® Compass® II is a feature-rich rifle that is packed with value. From the range, to the fields to the mountains, any pursuit, at any budget.

- Ergonomic, lightweight stock combines classic lines and textured grip panels - with a tastefully contoured cheek piece.
- Three-lug 60 degree lift bolt provides good scope clearance and a smooth, easy cycling action.
- Aluminum pillar bedding system positively locates the receiver and free-floats the barrel for outstanding accuracy.
- Button-rifled barrel, with 5R rifling and threaded muzzle - provides outstanding accuracy and easy cleaning.
- Comes with front and rear sling swivel studs installed.
- Features an easy-to-use 3-position safety (with bolt lock) that provides positive tactile feel, clear visibility and easy access.
- Detachable (5-round std cals., 4 round mag cals.) rotary magazine fits flush with the stock and provides smooth feeding.
- Includes Weaver-style scope mount bases installed
- Soft rubber recoil pad gives maximum felt recoil reduction.
- Generation II trigger provides a 3-4 lb. pull with a crisp break for precision shooting.

- Caliber : 6.5 Creedmoor
- Finish/Stock : Blued/Black Composite
- Trigger : 3-4 lbs. GENERATION II
- Barrel Length : 21.625"-5R
- Rate of Twist : 1:8
- Capacity : 5+1 Det. Mag
- Length of Pull : 13.25"
- Overall Length : 41"
- Weight : 7 lbs.
- Sights : None
- Rifling : 5R
- Model # : 12504
- MSRP : $405

Product Code: THM-12504

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Exp. date: 01.12.2020
$75 USD prepaid card on the purchase of any new T/C Venture II bolt-action rifle
$50 USD prepaid card on the purchase of any new T/C Compass II bolt-action rifle
$25 USD prepaid card on the purchase of any new T/C Compass Utility bolt-action rifle or T/CR22 semi-auto rifle

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Comments (8)

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I've been wanting a cheap plinking gun in 6.5 Creedmoor for a while and just ordered one of these an hour ago. Use their text-a-check feature to save the 3% extra they charge you if you pay via credit card. I will update if I encounter any problems but I fully expect it to take a few weeks to ship as I understand how busy they probably are at the moment. Now I just need to find some 6.5 ammo in stock....

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Outstanding rifle for the price. With a burris xtrii 3-15x got hits out to 1354 yds with 6.5.

Sold that one to a buddy and picked up another when they were $189 BF 2018. With an SWFA SS 12x fixed....consistent hits out to 1085 yds with S&B 140g TMJs. You will need quite a bit of elevation with this ammo tho. 120-147 ELDs fair better outta the Compass.

Thinner bbl profile does make the groups open up if your rate of fire is more than about 5 rounds a min. But it’s dirt cheap. Just buy it as a backup to your ELR rifle.

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They were all available a week ago, I ordered two last week and still not a peep from them regarding shipping or anything though they have taken my $$. Said something about a 7-10 processing wait... Sure hoping they were / are legit.

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Update, No contact from them until they shipped the 2 I ordered on the 10th. So I ordered on Sept 2 and they arrived today Sept 14th at my FFL (12 days).

Fair warning, they shipped via Fed-Ex, 2 rifles in their boxes in a bigger box and they beat the hell out of them, the box ends were seriously crumpled up, one poly stock was nailed by the free floating bolt, it has a 1/4" dent mark in it, not happy about that. I have no flipping idea why that bolt assembly is not wrapped and secured, The gun lock pack had taken off from its holding spot in one of the boxes. The barrel thread protector is thin plastic but held up to being smashed into the end of the box that was crumpled and cardboard ground into one of them.

I guess at least considering it was FED-Ex I should be glad they weren't stolen. Someone is stealing guns and ammo from a few of the FED-EX warehouses and the numbers are reaching over a half million that is known, there are videos on that on Youtube (Reno May) is one YT gun person covering that issue. The ATF has been brought into it but as is typical I guess they cannot be bothered to put a stop to it. Might be someone out there with a bump stick that needs a viciously innocent dog or kid shot or something....

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FWIW I bought some lowers from them a couple weeks ago. Ended up emailing them as I had received no update, and they replied that an error occurred with my payment info (CC) even though my order confirmation was sent etc. Glad I emailed them, don’t know when they would’ve looked into it. Luckily they had held my order and it’s now in the mail.

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Just be patient, I know its hard to do when waiting on a new firearm. KyGunCo is a good dealer. I have bought many guns, ammo and misc stuff from them with no problems. Remember they are quite over run with orders and are not a huge retailer. Im sure they are all working mass over time to fill orders as fast as they can. But like I said dont worry, itll be ok.

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KYGUNS is a good company, have bought from them many times. This COVID "SCAM" has everything screwed up.............

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This is available in .308 as well. But those seem to be the only two available at this price and rebate. THOMPSON CENTER Compass II 308 Win

1 vote
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