T/C® Compass® II 308 Win 22"

The reliable performance of the original T/C® COMPASS® rifle – now with Thompson/Center’s Generation II trigger system.

T/C® Compass® II is a feature-rich rifle that is packed with value. From the range, to the fields to the mountains, any pursuit, at any budget.

- Ergonomic, lightweight stock combines classic lines and textured grip panels - with a tastefully contoured cheek piece.
- Three-lug 60 degree lift bolt provides good scope clearance and a smooth, easy cycling action.
- Aluminum pillar bedding system positively locates the receiver and free-floats the barrel for outstanding accuracy.
- Button-rifled barrel, with 5R rifling and threaded muzzle - provides outstanding accuracy and easy cleaning.
- Comes with front and rear sling swivel studs installed.
- Features an easy-to-use 3-position safety (with bolt lock) that provides positive tactile feel, clear visibility and easy access.
- Detachable (5-round std cals., 4 round mag cals.) rotary magazine fits flush with the stock and provides smooth feeding.
- Includes Weaver-style scope mount bases installed
- Soft rubber recoil pad gives maximum felt recoil reduction.
- Generation II trigger provides a 3-4 lb. pull with a crisp break for precision shooting.

- Caliber : .308 WIN
- Finish/Stock : Blued/Black Composite
- Trigger : 3-4 lbs. GENERATION II
- Barrel Length : 21.625"-5R
- Rate of Twist : 1:12
- Capacity : 5+1 Det. Mag
- Length of Pull : 13.25"
- Overall Length : 41"
- Weight : 7 lbs.
- Sights : None
- Rifling : 5R
- Model # : 12506
- MSRP : $405

Product Code: THM-12506

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Rebates for Thompson/Center Arms brand

Exp. date: 01.12.2020
$75 USD prepaid card on the purchase of any new T/C Venture II bolt-action rifle
$50 USD prepaid card on the purchase of any new T/C Compass II bolt-action rifle
$25 USD prepaid card on the purchase of any new T/C Compass Utility bolt-action rifle or T/CR22 semi-auto rifle

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Comments (3)

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They honored only one rebate in spite of their flyer saying ANY. I already have the card in hand, only $50

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Call them at their contact # 844.628.7926 to get it corrected, I'm sure they will honor one rebate claim.

1 vote
0 votes

WARNING, THIS IS A SCAM. S&W is NOT honoring their own terms. I read the flyer, bought two 6.5 CM TC Compass 2 rifles from Kentucky Gun Co, did an online rebate form submission. They originally emailed that it was accepted then I got a rejection email, then I got another accepted email two hours later but the link in it to track the rebate staus says its rejected.

This is the first line of the rebate rules:

"Offer limited to one rebate per each NEW Thompson/Center Arms brand firearm purchased between August 28, 2020 and November 30, 2020"

Notice the "One Rebate per ""EACH"" new...."

Here is what the rejection says:

Dear: *xxxxxx*

Thank you for your recent purchase. We received your submission for your Smith & Wesson rebate but are unable to process your rebate at this time.

Your rebate tracking number is: xxxxxxxxxx

Unfortunately we could not honor your request due to the following reason(s):

Product Limit Exceeded

Please resubmit any missing or corrected documents within the next 7 days to the following address. Be sure to include your rebate tracking number with your resubmission.

Smith & Wesson Resubmissions
P.O. Box 540156
El Paso, TX 88554-0156


They already have the info for both Rifles (receipt and box end info) nothing missing or needing correction as it was an online submission so what the hell would I even resubmit? Anything I resubmit violates the terms and causes the rebate to get canceled anyways because of their terms etc.

On the rebate status page:

Status : Invalid

We're sorry, there is a problem or error with your rebate. Please mail any missing material to the resubmissions department.

Product Limit Exceeded

Promotion Name :

Submit Date :
09/20/2020 (Note: I submitted this last week)

Submission Type


So because I bought two rifles as per their rebate flyer claiming I could for each, I cant even get the rebate for one of them now. That is the definition of a scam IMO

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0 votes
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