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Price compare for 725327611264 - Taurus 85FS ULTRA Lite 38SPC +P BL 2-inch

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Comments (16)

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Ordered mine on 9/30 and will hopefully be at my FFL on 10/18. First and last time order from them.

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Yes, after 1 MONTH of waiting. It finally arrived at my FFL. This is maybe the last time will get anything from them. Until the Price is much lesser than the LONG wait. Good luck and Hope you will get yours soon...

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Do not buy anything from this company. Please don't post any deals from them.

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It's been over two weeks and it is still processing. I've sent them an email to cancel my order. Stay away from this company.

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They had to my FFL within a week; no problems at all. sent rebate and just waiting now.

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You can also get a free NRA membership

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Did anyone got an email from FWT saying that they just Moved to a new location? I did.

I had deal with them in the past and it was a great with quick turn around time on Xdm 9 tactical.

Anyhow, I’ll start the dispute with my credit card once I get off work today.

Please keep us update if there any.

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Got the same email. Placed an order last Saturday. No updates since my order was placed. They were quick to charge my card.

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They responded to my email that it takes 5-7 business days to ship firearms.

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After 1 month (exactly) and my ffl sending in 3 copies of the license got a tracking number today..

Won't be buying from this company again.

Got a email they had moved apparently business is good.
Their prices are good but not good enough for BS like this.

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Bad company. This was my first order with them. Placed an order for this Taurus a month ago, I was charged immediately, and nothing from them since. My order still shows as "processing." I have received no answer to my emails. I have opened a dispute with my credit card company.

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They are alive alright, after I email them the 3rd time.

I had the same problem with them. I’ve called prior to order to see if the posting had the stock pic vs the actual Taurus 85 with the Bull grip; and there were no answer via phone calls or email.

I had order with before and it was quick delivery. Not this time around, It’s been 21+ days; I emailed them and got a response saying the will look into my order with the warehouse or some sort.

I’ll give them until Friday to file a case with my credit card.

Brownell’s have the same deal and I hope think they are more likely to ship it ASAP once they take my money. I have good turn out with ammo and I got it within 2days.

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This is the worse company to deal with in my experience. I placed the order and got confirmation that the order had been accepted but required a copy of FFL. Credit card charged immediately.
Sent FFL info and ... crickets.
Sent email to confirm that FFL info was received and ... crickets.
Waited a week and sent email to ask status and ... crickets.
Waited another few days and called. No answer and no voice mail.
Waited another few days, send email and ... crickets.
After 10 days got an email to send FFL.
Emailed FFL and had gun shop send email of FFL too.
Then once again ... crickets.
They were just teasing me.
Is there anyone still alive at Four Winds Technololgy?

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Have you had any updates in regard to your order?

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I dunno man.. I ordered a 85 stainless and a Taurus 738 from them about 6 weeks ago.. it took them 7 business days to ship but the guns came fine..

My sister liked my 85 and ordered one of her own about 3 weeks ago.. we was using a new FFL and they kept claiming they hadn't gotten the license yet.. ok.. well Im pretty sure the FFL sent it a week ago, I emailed FWT yesterday asking status and if the license was settled.. when it would ship?

Nothing so far.. in the past they've gotten back to me pretty quickly like the same day.

I would think since they got paid for the gun right away they should have had the thing ready for shipment once they got the license but I dunno.. I think Friday we might just cancel the order if I don't see a ship notice or reply.. charge backs won't be far off if we can't make contact and get it settled one way or the other.

Im sure eventually the guns will come and be fine.. But I've been told that it's a one man operation and despite claiming "in stock" they actually just order the gun after someone buys one (no actual stock of their own) and that's what causes them to be so slow.

Well they sure don't mind charging the card and taking their money ASAP do they?

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Maybe he should hire some help or ask his Mom to answer the phone.

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