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The Model 85 small frame revolver is packed with a combination of customer requested features and paired with .38 Special +P ammo making it powerful, easy to carry, and lightning quick to use. It has fixed sights and a black, rubber grip.These are must have revolvers.

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Good price, but the gun is questionable; I just sent mine back to the factory because the cylinder would not always rotate with each trigger pull. Taurus just called and said they couldn't find anything wrong with it...

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Thanks for the kind words! Keep checking back! We are still in the beginning stages of our website. We are constantly adding new products everyday

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Whittaker really does have some fabulous prices on a lot of guns. They don't have the biggest selection in the world, but they have good deals on what they do sell . After looking at their site a few times, I wish I hadn't bought some of my guns at other places, including Ruger 10/22's. They really are worth checking out. I do have one of these 38's and I love it.

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