Taurus 738 TCP is the lightest Taurus in the handgun lineup Featuring a 6 or 8 round magazine, a durable polymer frame, and low-profile fixed sights. Blued, stainless, black stainless, and titanium. Also featuring loaded chamber indicator.
Type Pistol
Action Double Action
Caliber 380 ACP
Barrel Length 2.75"
Capacity 6+1
Safety No Manual
Grips Polymer
Sights Fixed
Weight 10.2 oz
Finish Stainless

Model: 1738039
Bud's Item Number: 59326

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$14.95 Per Firearm, $9.99 For Any Amount of Accessories
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Wife liked it, i bought it, going in for repair a second time in less than 6 months. Really wanted to like it.

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I'm not sure why anyone would consider this gun as a new purchase now. It is being discontinued and replaced by the Spectrum which is a much better gun for basically the same price.

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What are the details on the shipping and how much is it the final cost

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I go back and forth on this one. It was my very first gun purchase (I now own 8) 2 years ago. I got my concealed carry license and bought a couple of in-pocket holsters for it and carried it with me almost every day. It is a PERFECT size for a pocket pistol. I could easily carry it in my front jeans pocket, but it really fit best in the front top pockets of my cargo shorts. Very nice summer-time CC pistol.

Unfortunately, it managed to malfunction twice while at a gun range. The first time it malfunctioned was after about 200 or 300 rounds (total, not that trip) - it stopped extracting some of the spent rounds which caused an FTE and a FTF. I shipped it to Taurus. They examined it and determined that it was a problem with the extractor, which they replaced. Received my gun back and it fired like new again. The next time was after about 700 rounds. Heard a weird "pop!" when I fired it and the entire gun was jammed. When I pulled out the magazine a small piece of metal (a piece of the actual gun, maybe?) fell out. I've shipped it back and it's waiting for repair. Sure, the repairs are free. But FedEx wants $69 every time I ship it since they will only send firearms overnight. So I've invested $138 on shipping a gun in for repair that only costs (at the moment) $180 (the black, not the bi-tone)? If I have to return it a third time I'm in the red.

I ended-up purchasing a Sig Sauer P238 as my every-day CC. I'll keep this around as a spare gun to have laying around the house but with the issues I've experienced I just wouldn't trust my life to it.

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I have one that I carry. Great concealability: it's so small, but the back strap's grooves are uncomfortable when shooting more than a few rounds. Use a rubber cover over the grip to solve this.Be sure to polish the feed ramp to prevent FTFs that some had an issue with. As accurate as you may need at 5-7 yds.

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