Condition: Factory New
Finish: Black
Type: Pistol
Action: Double
Caliber: 380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
Barrel Length: 2.75"
Capacity: 6+1
Safety: No Manual
Grip: Black
Sight: Fixed
Weight: 10.2 oz
SKU#: 1-738039BSS

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Comments (3)

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This is not the $200 version. This is the stainless version that has never been available for $200.

I can't comment on the quality of the standard blued steel model that you often see for about $200, but I do have one of these "blued stainless" 738 TCPs and it's a great gun.

I have also owned a Ruger LCP and a Keltec P3AT. The Keltec and Ruger are virtually identical to each other except for the LCP's manual bolt-hold-open feature (marginally useful).

The LCP trigger is absolutely horrendous, worst trigger I've ever pulled, and even seemed worse than the Keltec. Compared to those, the 738 TCP trigger is excellent. It is long, like all guns that use the long pull as a safety, but it's superior to the others by far.

Besides the better trigger, the 738 TCP also has a true bolt-hold-open after the last round. It's also much more comfortable for my hand (with the pinky mag extension installed), and even more accurate than the other two.

I have about 500 rounds through mine with ZERO failures of any kind. The Keltec and Ruger had regular failures to feed and eject.

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I have this gun and this isn't a deal. I bought mine at Gander Mountain of all places for $199. I have not had a single issue with mine, so I can't speak about any service issues with Taurus. I will say I shot about 300 rounds without a problem with 3 different types of ammo. I like the gun, and it has quite a bit of power for it's size.I read that the earlier models had feed problems, but mine has none.

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For those that don't know Taurus this gun is sold at Academy for 199.00. For those that do know Taurus customer support this gun is worth nothing. Taurus is the worst gun company ever and the customer support is terrible. Plan on sending the gun in at least 2 times in the first 600 rounds and it may take 4 months to get the gun back while you wait for parts from Brazil to arrive. Customer support will offer no information other than "We are waiting for parts and we have no idea when that may be". Good thing they have a lifetime warranty, because it will take a life time to get the gun back. Also there are no options for trading the gun in if they can not fix the gun in a timely manner. Terrible company and will tell everyone I can how bad they are to try and save them from the experience I have gone through. I wish I had listened to reviews reviews before I purchased a gun from them.

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