Huldra's 5.56 x 45 Upper is a standard mil-spec part that will work on any mil-spec AR lower. The mid-length piston system will give the benefits of a longer forearm by having a more ergonomic grip and longer sight radius for quicker acquisition and less felt recoil. The Huldra patented piston system runs cleaner, cooler and longer than any other AR. The piston parts and barrel are treated with the salt nitride Meloniting process, making them harder than hard chrome. The Melonited process gives the barrel higher lubricity, longer life and a uniform coating and resistance to build-up. The barrel chambers are speed polished to reduce resistance on the cartridge entering and exiting the chamber.
Customer responsible to follow all local, state & federal compliance with purchase of this item
Caliber - 5.56 x 45
Chamber - 5.56 NATO
Barrel length - 16 inch
Barrel twist - 1 to 7 right hand, M4 feed ramps
Barrel profile - Government profile
Barrel material - Chrome-Moly-Vanadium 4150
Barrel coating & lining - Melonite
Upper receiver - dry film lubed, T-marked
Gas system - mid-length
Fore arm - M4 hand guards
Flash hider - A2 flash hider
Overall length - 25 inches
Overall weight - 4.23 pounds
100 meter accuracy - 1 MOA
Made in the USA
Weight: Approximately: 7 pounds
Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 37 x 5 x 5 inches.
This product cannot be shipped to: NJ CA MA MD IL CO NY DC CT

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In case anyone does not know: Huldra piston uppers are made by Adams Arms.

If you don't mind the Huldra branding, this is a good deal.

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