T-14 .410 GAUGE UPPER - $349.99 + Free Shipping

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If you are like me you already have an ar-15 rifle or two. How would you like to turn it into a shotgun? Well, here is your chance. This t-14 .410 ar upper will drop on to any any ar-15 lower and just like that, an ar-15 .410 shotgun. 20" bbl, a-2 micrometer adjustable sights, and an a-3 removeable carry handle with a weaver style flat top below.
Comes with one 5 round mag. Mag fits and locks into your existing mag well.
High cap mags available soon. This is the neatest thing since sliced bread...
No ffl required
Item # t14-upper..........................$349.99
Upper, 410 shotgun upper fully interchan geable w/ ar15 platforms
Safir Arms ATI

This video is for reference only, the one on sale is the compact version with a carry handle.

Category: Shotguns
Caliber: 410
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Inform me when they are in

Inform me when they are in stock

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please inform me when you get

please inform me when you get a T-14 upper and or a complete shotgun

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I have a complete Quadrail

I have a complete Quadrail upper I recently purchased, ran a few boxes of slugs with no problems. It literally has only had 15 rnds put through it.
Looking to get a .50 Beowoulf and am looking to possibly sell mine.

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My T-14 from Classic Arms

My T-14 from Classic Arms arrived last week. Took it to the range and found this is gonna turn out to be a pain in the rear. MAJOR chambering issues using the recommended ammo from Safir's site. Tried using Federal high brass #6 and Estate neither one would chamber and the bolt would not fully close.

Removed the upper and removed the bolt carrier group. Tried dropping the cartridges directly into the chamber and found they will not go unless you push as hard as you can and even then it won't fully seat. Have to use a cleaning rod to force them back out. The brass cap of the cartridge shows major scuffing leading me to believe the chamber will need to be bored out before I'll be able to fire anything out of this.

Good luck getting ahold of anyone at Safir. I've tried emailing 2 different addresses I found and tried calling them. I was told the guy I needed to talk to just left (YEAH I'M SURE) and to try again later. I'll keep trying but my guess is this will be going to a gunsmith to get fixed.

Thanks Classic Arms for selling garbage.

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Brosef. you ordered a 410 AR

Brosef. you ordered a 410 AR gimmick made in Turkey by a bunch of carpet kissers.

With all due respect, WTF did you expect?

Buy American, Austrian German Russian... in alphabetical order, just like that.

Somewhere, the terrorists are laughing as they're spending your money..


Oops sorry, wrong terrorist, I meant...


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took them quite a while to

took them quite a while to get it to me. I was expecting the carbine forearm version but got the rifle length. Mine was not broken but man everything is plastic on this thing including charging handle, upper receiver, front post, even the ejection port cover.

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Do Not buy this from Classic

Do Not buy this from Classic Firearms. Mine arrived broken and they passed the buck on to Safir Arms saying that they never opened the comtainer. This was a lie as there were other items that I ordered packed with it. Classic Arms offers terrible customer service so take your dollar somewhere else.

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Is it the classic or compact

Is it the classic or compact upper? Pic is compact, gunblast shows classic.

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this is the compact version,

this is the compact version, judging by the picture. see www.classicarms.us

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Have been out of stock and on

Have been out of stock and on backorder for some time now ,They say they don't know when they will get anymore..Same goes for the Safir Arms t-410 lowers as well

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Been on backorder for awhile

Been on backorder for awhile now..I'm still waiting as of March 29 2012

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