3 pack S.W.T. AR15 Magazine 30 Rounds - $26.99 (Free S/H over $49 w/code "SH1256")

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Online Only, Do Not Call, one coupon per order - Click here for more coupons - Coupon "TAKEOFF20%" for 20% off for new customers ($30 max. discount) - 3-Pk. of 30-round S.W.T. AR15 Magazines.
Limited supply!
- STANAG 4179 specs
- High compatibility
- Impact / crush resistant polymer construction
- Constant curve internal geometry
- Anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower
- Mil spec. stainless steel spring
- Extended floorplate
- Textured gripping surface.
Note: Mag follower may come in different colors. Sorry, no color choice.
UPC#: 885344325749 ($29.99)
Item # F503B-420638

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Magazines
Brand: Schweizer Waffen Technik
UPC: 885344325749
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Coupon "TAKEOFF20%" for 20% off for new customers ($30 max. discount). Sportsman's Guide Members receive 10% discount on all orders (5% on ammunition & firearms). Membership is $39.99 per year, no auto renewals. Add item you would like to purchase to cart and during the checkout it will offer you free shipping on your order if you join the Club and occasionally a small gift too.

Coupon Code: SH2760
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Expiration date: 2017-05-28 23:59:59
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Coupon Code: SH1256
Free S/H over $49 (excl. firearms)
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Coupon Code: TAKEOFF20%
20% off for new customers ($30 max. discount)
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Careful with their “e-gift

Careful with their “e-gift certificates” as they cannot be combined with their free shipping coupons as they consider these “certificates” as coupons….why don’t they call them coupons then?!? You either get 10 dollars off and pay 9 dollars shipping. Adds up about the same in my book. Only thing they are useful for are the rare times when Sportsman's Guide does not offer free freight.

Still like SG though.

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Hmmm ... I used the $10

Hmmm ... I used the $10 certificate yesterday (I entered it in the "gift card" field) and used SH1780 coupon code. It gave me the free shipping but not 10% off and applied the $10 certificate. So ... I bought a pack of 3 mags for the original 19.79 and then got 3 more the next day for $9.79 after using the $10 certificate, so ultimately a little under $5 each. Did you try to use the same coupon twice? I tried that to get another $10 certificate and free shipping but it said I had already used that coupon and couldn't use it twice. They let me use SH1780 though. I tried to use that coupon again today but it said I couldn't use that one again either. Apparently we only get to use each coupon once. Not sure if that's what happened to you as well, but I feel your frustration sometimes with how they do coupons.

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I tried to use both and

I tried to use both and failed. Emailed customer service and they said I could not use both.

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Work perfect in my M&P 15

Work perfect in my M&P 15 Sport, and my PSA AR.

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I had problems with these in

I had problems with these in my PSA AR. Mag would not seat and rounds would not chamber.

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MJ28's picture

I read there is a

I read there is a compatibility issue with Ruger 556

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The price for non Sportsman

The price for non Sportsman Guide Members price is a few bucks more - $20.78

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These mags are top notch.

These mags are top notch. Just as good as Magpul and lancer in my opinion. I torture tested one - dropped loaded mag from 7 feet onto concrete floor, ran it over with my suv multiple times - can't get it to fail. Feeds flawlessly in all my ARs. With this pricing, i bought me a couple of dozen.

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Have you tried to insert

Have you tried to insert these mags loaded with bolt open? Mine over insert, the bolt catch sticks, the bolt/carrier won't go forward into battery and the mag won't eject (and I mean its jammed). Huge issues with the ones I've purchased. I didn't notice these problems at first because I only tried inserting with bolt closed and they locked up fine. If you have these try the above and comment. I found a youtube video where these issues are documented.

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Good read about these mags.

Good read about these mags. So, who made them?


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Isn't STANAG a specification

Isn't STANAG a specification and not a manufacturer?

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has anyone ever used these

has anyone ever used these mags? are they just a copy of a pmag? how is reliability? any info would be appreciated. i've been eyeballing these for a while now thinking about buying them but don't want to pay for junk.

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Seriously zultango just

Seriously zultango just stop.......I make the obious connection that you are hghuntingandtactical then you got post crazy over other mags trying to be less obvious......there are plenty of trolls here, go scam elsewhere.

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Polymer magazines from

Polymer magazines from Schweizer Waffen Technik. They are made for the m4 swiss ar-15 which is the same as ours.They are some of the best made. They are made to same spec as the magpul ar-15 magazine. Design for military heavy use. They use mil-spec follower's in bright red. They are built by the Swiss for their military.

1 vote
1 vote
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then why does Google want to

then why does Google want to translate it as GERMAN?

Ich bin verwirrt.

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4 votes

Probably because Swiss

Probably because Swiss people, like Austrians... Also speak German.

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