To accommodate the new more powerful 7.5x55 cartridge, it was determined that the 89/96 could easily be converted (Model 1889s could not) to handle the new cartridge by re-barreling the rifle. 1889/96s were converted to 1896/11s by replacing or modifying the following...

A new barrel was added.

Already fitted to the barrel were new front and rear sights.

A pistol grip was grafted onto the stock of the rifle.

The new rifles were also fitted with 6 round magazines, similar to the 1889/1900 pattern magazine, minus the reinforcing ridge, although the magazine did include a bolt hold-open *feature for when the magazine was empty.

A new trigger-guard was fitted to accommodate the new magazine.

I think these are really cool and show an important transitional leap in the evolution of the modern military firearm.

Good to Very Good condition. Most have leather slings but cannot guarantee you will receive a sling... Probably an 80% chance.
Product Specs
Barrel Length – 78 cm (30.7 in): 4-groove, RH, concentric rifling, 1 in 10.63" (approx 6,000 96/11s had a twist rate of 1 in 9")
Overall Length – 130 cm (51.2 in)
Weight – 4.51 kg (9.94 lbs) empty
Action – Schmidt-Rubin Straight Pull
Caliber – 7.5x55mm Swiss (GP 11)'
Capacity – 6 round detachable box magazine
Sights – Tangent-leaf sight graduated to 2,000 m,
Total Production : 135,770
Bayonet: Models 1889,1899 & 1906
Good to Very Good Condition, Some Slings
Caliber 7.5x55
Item #:LNG-K9611-RIFLE Live Prices

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